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  1. Namaste Students!
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    (1) Current Affairs with PT is your solution for all current affairs learning needs.
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  2. What is Brent Crude?
    It is a classification of crude oil which acts a benchmark for deciding the quality/price of crude oil . It is light in density and sweet (ie. low in sulpher content). Brent crude is extracted from the North Sea. Other respectable benchmarks are – OPEC reference basket , Dubai crude , Oman crude etc. Brent crude is used to price almost 2/3 of the internationally traded crude oil as well.

  3. On the Boil – (for a situation) coming strong or active , ( for a person) To perform very successfully
    Sentences : 1) In India ,during the 90's , the demand for globalization was on the boil .
    2) With global prices of oil being on the boil , we should move towards solar energy as an alternative.
    3) During the last season of IPL , Virat Kohli is definitely on the boil.

  4. Thanks sir for such disintersted content and helping us to understand the news with a completely unbiased view.

    Sir one querry, what is the use of printing the news on A4 paper sheets, when you hold and show them they are hardly visible, I guess initially there were slides of news in between that was better as news was also visible and paper were saved…
    Btw, your mimicing of Donald Trump 👌 always delightful.. 😊

  5. Respected Sir,
    You are an epitome of true excellence
    As per me, you don't need to apologise to anyone regarding your views.
    Aur wo larka sahi bola ki aap Hanuman ji ki tarah hmlogo ko roz Sanjivani buti de rhe hain…
    Wo v is Kalyugi samaj mein..
    Sat sat naman hai mera aapko….
    Jitni Siddat se aap itna help kar rhe hain, it really motivates us also and fills our mind and heart with enthusiasm and zeal…
    Thank you Sir…thank you so much..m

  6. If the oil prices are rising why not the ministers reducing their no. of vehicles which are uselessly assisting them everywhere, including the PM.
    A very shocking and turbulent phase we have been forcefully moved into..

  7. ओह री चिरैया
    नन्ही सी चिड़िया
    अंगना में फ़िर आजा रे
    अंधियारा है घना
    और लहु से सना..😥😥😥😥
    किस के दम पे सजेगा मेरा अंगना

  8. Youtube has the advantage of enormous scalable infrastructure backed by Google.Indian entrepreneurs will have a tough time to first get funding as the investors will first say 'you already have "Facebook" why do you need Indian version of Facebook'. Second, to convince people to move to the new platform as Google, Facebook as they have become too big to compete unless a nationwide awareness is spread about importance of privacy and most importantly "DATA".

  9. Good evening respected sir, love and respect from bulandshahr (u.p)
    Sir if possible please add some news from commonwealth games also .
    As our media was busy in Salman and shridevi show 24*7.
    We have to do surfing from medal tally and performances.
    Our athletes are doing good and I guess they want bit of space in your treasure of current affairs.

    #blind and paid media curse to youth and stain on our society.

    Thanks and regards
    Vivek Pratap Singh

  10. There is in my eyes tears and a very deap pain in my heart when I listened .Mere ghar aai ek Nanhi pari…. sorry Bata aasifa..we also responsible for this tragedy.🤧🤧

  11. Earlier in 2008-09, i used to read a lot of complaints from Americans that whenever they call customer care of their phone company, some person with Indian accent picks up the call. But slowly things are changing for them. These days computer can understand us better and can generate an automated reply and also Philippines is becoming a more preferred choice for American companies.

    Just like the Cambridge Analytica, our BPO companies also allegedly sell the information to scammers. These scammers allegedly call American citizens posing as Federal tax department staffs and extort money from gullible Americans.

    Edit: I forgot to mention my personal opinion, but I think if we find anything on social media that looks too good to be true then we should do a quick fact check. One doesn't need to be genius to fact check any news. Just do a quick reverse image search on google and the truth of fake news will be in front of you within seconds. Majority of things that I see on social media are downright lie and fake. And these fake news have their contribution towards incidences of communal violence.

  12. Feeling very sad …. @ nanhi baccchi … Pray to God for her soul 😓😓😓 ab bhi. agar. Ham n sudhre….our. Aapas.. me in politician ki wajah se …ladte. Rahe…to yah kali chaya…hamare gharo tak aaane me derr nahi lagegi

  13. RIP!
    sir ne aaj jai hind nahi bola.

    feeling the same pain. and i want to dedicate some words to the pain we all have in our heart :-

    us HIND ki JAI kaise ho?
    jaha haiwaniyat ka sor gunje
    bajaro me raunak ho.

  14. Hello Sir, in Aramco news – india and Aramco has signed a MOU not the final agreement… MOU is just intention document not the binding one… But u said "Aramco ne 50% khareed lia hai"… So is it correct to say???… Please let us know if I m wrong… Bcs on this has always confused me…

  15. Pranam Sir,

    Aapka experience bahut achuk hai… Jo chahiye wo sahaj hi mil jata hai…sirf soch se kuchh nahi ho pa raha hai…kaise log humpe Raj kar rahe hai… achhe log to roji roti se hi trast hai…

    Sir, ek nivedan hai… Uttarpradesh me last 10 saal me jitne job nikale aur job pe ban laga deye hai… us pure data ke bare me ek session lejiye…

  16. Ek 8 saal ki bacchi ko baksha in logo ne wo bhi mandir me. Aur ek bacchi ke pita ko hi mar dia jab insaaf maga to. Aur ye log Jo Congress ke time pe chillate the aj chup h.

  17. At least to give peace to our beti Asifa…we should take oath dat in future we will never disrespect a Girl, never passing a comment to them, and help them when they need, teach them, appreciate, encourage them…have some sensitivity always towards each girl…
    Beti ke Pankho ko khulne dijiye unhe udne dijiye. 🙏🙏🙏

  18. Sir plz never stop singing esp. in video session…coz your song have msg of wisdom..and Mai aapke gaaye hue hi gaane aapki style me gungunata qki bohot hi soumya, aur komalta se gaate hai aap…don't be away from us. It's a request from the deep of my heart.


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