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    (1) Current Affairs with PT is your solution for all current affairs learning needs.
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  2. honorable ##vidhiadhar surajprasad naipual, great,influenced ,criticised authors #yes you can disagree with his openion but you never denied his work #his father and mother in British conolialism they are in –
    danger labours##
    He is a Nobel Prize winner in 2001 and acchive many awards in his career he is a traveler writer…
    Born in August 19 1932
    In 1950 he get government scholarship and began studies in English ,university of Oxford

  3. Sir muje ye bat samj hi nai ati he ki agar dolar ko leke etana bada hangama he to trap sahab har kisiko dham ki de dete he or bichare tarky or india jese deso ki mudra khatam hojati he to duniya ki economy ka kya hoga khas kar india ki ham ku6 nai karsakte he?

  4. Yesterday i saw gandhi (1982), learnings from the movie may be numerous but one thing i loved the most is the power of non-violence ,also i loved this dialogue of ben kingslay (don’t know whether mahatma gandhi said it or not) is ‘YOU CAN HAVE MY DEAD BODY BUT NOT MY OBEDIENCE’ ,heads off to the person who wrote such strong words ❗️❗️

  5. Answers from the session-

    Q1- What is the overall size, scope and color of Indian diaspora?
    Ans- As per ministry of External Affairs reports there are almost 31.2 million Indian diaspora living outside the India. Now Diaspora include NRI(Non-resident Indian) and PIO (People of Indian Origin) who live outside of the India. As India doesn’t allow the duel-citizenship while the other major countries do. And they are getting benefited by that. As these Indian diaspora contribute a lot to build the nation what it is now.

    Q2- Summarize life of VS Naipal.
    Ans- As he belonged to the family which were taken from here by british as labors and faced dark time during his childhood but also gave him a attitude of writing.
    A very straightforward writing style make him unique among all.
    As he himself fond to be said the traveling writer, he wrote about India, Africa and many more.
    In 1971 he got his Man Booker Prize ‘In a Free state’ book.
    In 2011 he got noble prize for literature.

    Q3- Explain complete cycle of private sector investment in India based on banking and debt market?

    Q4- What is teeth to tail ratio in defence?
    Ans- It’s the ratio of attacking units and non-attacking units. The number of persons in attacking unit should be more than number in non-attacking units as per defence.

    Q5- Why America is determent to create space force?
    Ans- America finding that Its major competitors in defense China and Russia are trying to deploy destructive and non-destructive technology in satellites in which America stands no where or find itself way behind. As on June Donald Trump directed the need of space force and finally US announce it in aug.

    Q6- Khalistan move in 1980, how it was quelled?
    Ans- Thanks for asking this question, it opened my knowledge and my eyes wide open as I found out that in 1980 Jagjit Singh Chohan who travelled to the London and announced khalistan’s existence and formation. The same guy Chohan made himself the first republic of khalistan, named his cabinet, issued currency, stamps and even khalistan passport. The Punjabi diaspora in UK, Canada, Germany etc. made a lot of contribution to this movement.
    Before it gets so much global recognition it was quelled by operation bluestar in 1984.

    Q7- Peer to peer lending system?
    Ans- Its direct borrowing and lending of money b/w the persons. This process cut out the intermediary thus removes a lot of fuss and time but security concerns are there which are needed to be taken care of on personal level.

    Q8- what is the theme of the book ‘world is flat’?
    Ans- Written by Thomas L Friedman. It portrays the world as playground in terms of commerce and all the competitors have equal opportunities and it also indicates what should you possess remain in the game.

    Q9- Dwarkanath Kotnis
    Ans- Who worked in china during the second world war to provide medical assistance to chinese troops.

    Q10- Main mission of Parker launched by NASA?
    Ans- To study sun’s corona, to see how near it can go and get more research data for future. It is going to go around sun’s orbit and some in venus too.

    Q11- How is China getting benefit from sanctions on IRAN?
    Ans- Major stake holder companies in South Pars Gas field is leaving after America put sanctions on Iran and hence China getting to cease for stakes in the project which will be a great threat for future as china will be controlling the major stakes.


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