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  1. Namaste Students!
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    (1) Current Affairs with PT is your solution for all current affairs learning needs.
    (2) Visit the parent site for full list of posts, including QUIZ and PDF downloads. You will find all our posts on that site itself.
    (3) Today's post is here :
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  2. An object floats when the weight of the displaced liquid is more than or at least equal to the weight of the object. In other words if the density of the liquid is more than that of the object then the object is going to float.

  3. Its awesome…

    Sir plzz provide video for C.A on a regular basis…..
    We love your show..
    It helps us a lot in our prepration for UPSC… Specially History and C.A parts…

    Only request from u is,
    plzz be regular and provide a video daily on C.A.

    Thankx a lot sir.. u r awesome….

  4. Sir As you also know there are many news channels (unfortunately with high TRPs ) tries to malign people who stands against their party and consistently lauds their party and all time tries to polarise Hindu Muslims. Is there any procedure to take them to the courts??

  5. Sir , in the editorial 'A development mantra for India' by Nirvikar Singh , i have few doubts
    1) What does 'disembodied knowledge' mean ?
    2) He uses a term – 'Horizontal and vertical coordination dilemma'. what does that mean ?
    3) Could you please explain the term 'Limited access order' in simple terms.

  6. Sir I am your prelim cracker course enroller.
    Muje course bahot hi pasand aaya.
    Vese to me archives hi use kar paungi.
    Lekin Yha muje jo kahena he vo ye hai ki please take proper care of your health.
    I can see how hard you are working for us. Par is help me kahi health pichhe na chhut jay.
    Me chahti hu ke lifetime aapke courses dekhu aur independent thinker bnu.
    Baki to aapko aur aapki team ke liye teen tali se sanman..

  7. Types of Deficits
    1. Revenue Deficit = Revenue exp – Revenue receipt
    2. Fiscal Deficit = Total Expenditure – Total Receipt (excluding borrowings)
    3. Primary Deficit = Fiscal Deficit – Interest payments

    To reign in: Put control on someone.

  8. Dear Sir, I am preparing for UPSC CSE. Your sessions are highly valuable for students like me. Thousands of students are getting benefited by your knowledge. There's nothing we can give you in return except lots and lots of respect. Sir please continue these sessions, I will be highly obliged to you. एक निवेदन ओर है सर – आप इतनी ऊर्जा और एकाग्रता कैसे लाते हैं, कृपया जरूर बतायें।

  9. Geneva convention signatories have to vouch for rules that they have obliged to abide by else those rules won't have any global political deterrent, People should applaud that Council type mediums are taking up the challenge to uphold justice without considering personal interests, this move also helps stop research and capability building towards such methods of war.

  10. 24% equity will help companies with procurement, during time of crisis and also use the crafts for various govt evacuation from hostile regions, thus those companies will make money from the government too, but there is also chance of corrupt practices relating to flow of funds from govt to companies when govt uses those crafts for various official use. I hope Govt can find a way to not sell AIR INDIA. Instead of selling other methods can be adopted, various methods used earlier failed because of prioritizing corporate Businesses and not investing on advetisements and on social platforms intentionally so that private co. can be benifitted, It was good that Monopoly ended, however managment and various manegerial levels must be changed and abolished to actually benefit and profit the govt.

  11. Sirji…Thank you for the invitation to Volunteer…Today's Answers are…1. ‘Law of Floatation’- says that for a floating object, the weight of the object equals the weight of the liquid displaced by the object.
    2. Jingoist means chauvinist.
    3.‘Rein in’-to limit or control (someone or something)
    4 types of ‘Deficits’
    • Budget deficit = total expenditure – total receipts.
    • Revenue deficit = revenue expenditure – revenue receipts.
    • Fiscal Deficit = total expenditure – total receipts except borrowings.
    • Primary Deficit = Fiscal deficit- interest payments.
    4. Aircraft carriers – It is a naval warship that has a huge deck , from which fighter planes can take off and land.
    IS THE FORMAT O.K…Kindly confirm

  12. Aap ek pattern banate ja rahe ho , aur jisko koi bhi follow kar sakta hai , aur apni success ko shape kar sakta hai .. means you make your followers , professionals, and students capable to bring changes in every aspects of present scenario with a peaceful and sustainable Civilization .
    Thanking you for this fruitful KNOWLEDGE HUB you prepared , for the youths, our soCIETY and ofcours for our Motherland ' BHARATVARS ' . Jai hind jai bharat .

  13. Sirji, I am answering they d questions in following points.
    1. "Law of floating: it states that the material or liquid of lower density will float over the liquid of higher density. for example: oil, wood & plastic floats on water.
    2. Rain in: To cause something to remain inside due to rain(prevent him of doing sth). for example: We wanted to go hiking, but we were rained in.
    3. Aircraft carrier is a ship, which is huge in size & able to carry many aircraft on its deck. it is also having run way, in order to facilitate them to take off.
    4. Basic types of deficits r as follows.
    (1) Budget deficit = total expenditure – total receipts
    (2)Revenue deficit = revenue expenditure – revenue receipts
    (3)Fiscal Deficit = total expenditure – total receipts except borrowings
    (4)Primary Deficit = Fiscal deficit- interest payments
    (5)Effective revenue Deficit-= Revenue Deficit – grants for the creation of capital  assets
    (6)Monetized Fiscal Deficit = that part of the fiscal deficit covered by borrowing from the RBI.
    5."jingoist":extreme chauvinism or nationalism marked especially by a belligerent foreign policy.
    Sirji, how much u & ur team is important for us. I am unable to explain it in words.

  14. respected sir,

    The news material which u have made available on news.html is great but I found myself unable to zoom it. I have internet access through my mob phone only and on little screen of mob. It is next to very hard to read news paper article without zooming it. sir can u make those images in PDF format so we can zoom it without getting blurred. This is my little request sir.


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