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    (1) Current Affairs with PT is your solution for all current affairs learning needs.
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  2. Sir from the Redfort, i would've said
    1) I strongly condemn the mob lynchings and mobocracy in our society.
    2) I support the free speech, critics and freedom of expression under societal norms.
    3) I strongly oppose the non state eliments, successionists and terrorists.
    4) India need to catch up the technological race and therefore the entrepreneurs in various future technologies are urgently needed and government will provide all possible support for them.
    4) To improve india's image in world we need to develop soft power by eliminating poverty, malnutrition and illiteracy and creating world class cities and tourist attraction by accepting cleanliness and sanitation.
    5) For future opportunities our demographic dividend need to train themselves independently and by self studying. Government is supposed to provide all the facilities and it will surely.
    6) At the end India can only achieve its ambitions of becoming world leader by working in harmony, using synergy and supporting our fellow people's righteous ambitions.

  3. GOOD DEED:-I everyday switch off all the lights and fans off when none is using, be it my home, hostel or college. Electricity at places like college, universities where learned people and pupil come is wasted on a huge scale. No one takes responsibility. One can also not advice because these days none is ready to listen. Sab kuch updesh lagta hai..

  4. sandeep sir ek problem hae, nd i need ur help sir, actually sir mae relationship mae hu i am 23 years right now, sir jiske wajae sae mere upsc ki preperation mae problem ho rhi hae…mind divert rehta hae security ki wajah sae ..sir apna suggestion jrur dae…i am waiting for ur replay

  5. sir har lecture me 50 to sawal puch lete ho.. atleast kuch to answer aap next video me provide kia kare plz.. 1 hour ka apka lecture hota he fir answer alag se google karna padta he..

  6. its very left and right at simultaneously at the same time…..AND……it is result over preparation and adding to it a desperation….SO….please be only to the point ..&…
    .no any additional question in discussion………out of text question of the concerned news is creating nuisenSe………all ready each topic/story is very big and complicated………by going right,left,extra questions…….it make no sense………………

  7. Pump priming is the action taken to stimulate an economy, usually during a recessionary period, through government spending and interest rate and tax reductions. The term pump priming is derived from the operation of older pumps – a suction valve had to be primed with water so that the pumpwould function properly.

  8. Muhammed Fethullah Gülen[8] (born 27 April 1941) is a Turkish preacher,[9] Religious Leader imam,[9][10] writer,[11] and political figure.[12] He is the founder of the Gülen movement (known as Hizmet meaning servicein Turkish), which is 3 to 6 million strong volunteer based movement mostly focused on the education, interfaith dialogue providing primary and secondary education, in Turkey (in which business entities and foundations have been closed down by the Turkish government by the thousands in 2017)

  9. John Maynad Keynes -A polish philosopher, economist; he gave several theories that how capitalist and state economy, both mixed well ,can promote development and growth in any territory, provided we only choose the best from the Adam Smith’s: The wealth of nations and Karl Marx’s: Das Kapital and The communist manifesto. So in real sense , he propounded the theory of mixed economy.

  10. The conditions of Mumbai city will decrease continuesly as population is increasing rapidly due to continues inflow of people from other states.,,. Its mainly because other states are failed to create jobs in their respective states.

  11. Emerging Economies rely heavily on dollar denominated debt. As trade tensions increase so does the default risk on those loans. If Turkey defaults on their loans, it is going to reflect that other EM's are also facing macroeconomic headwinds. Thus, all EM's cost of capital will increase, foreign investors will exit EM's. The coupon increase on US treasury is also one of the reasons why EM's are facing currency depreciation. My concern is at 402 B USD, we should not be very confident. Oil imports will take away the benefits derived from lower currency. Furthermore, we have been receiving great discounts on oil from Iran which might end. Hence, a 402 B USD foreign reserve may deplete in no time. Also, our major exports Software, ITes is under pressure if this sector faces any headwinds it will become difficult for India to sustain at the current level of foreign reserves. I look forward to hear your in-depth analysis of the same.

  12. Answers for the session

    Q1. What are the top 5 learning from the PM’s Independence Day Speech, 2018?
    Ans- a) Ayushmanbharat NHPS is set to be launched on 25th Sept, birthday of Deen Dayal Upadhyay.
    b) Permanent Commission in armed forces for women.
    c) 90K crore have been saved by finding loopholes in government scheme’s bogus benefectors.
    d) By 2022, with budget of Rupees 100 billion, ISRO to send India’s first ever man in India’s spaceship.
    e) Promise of doubling the farmer income.
    f) Taxpayer base has increase by overall 65+% in both direct and indirect tax payers.
    g) Kusum (Kishan Urja Suraksha evam utthan Mahaabhiyan) solar pump irrigation programme is on hold because of financial budget, will be back on track.
    Q2. What do we mean by Keynesian economics? What is Keynesian pump priming in economy?
    Ans- Keynesian economics is used at the time of crises to pull the nation out of economic crises. Tax rates are pulled down to push more money so manufactures and investors find it easy to build new business and this leads to the need for more employees which will increase employment and per capita income will be raised and so the exports and production in country. It is also called pump priming, government spending, tax reduction are used to pump the old economy and boost its working capacity, and making it fully functional.
    Q3. Who is Fethullah Gülen? What was his role in US-Turkey crisis?
    Ans- Fethullah gulen is a social activist/scholar there was a well known movement on his name for universal rights for education, civil society and peace. As turkey wanted him back for exchange of paster, whom they have hold for coup in Turkey.
    Q4. Why exactly is Elon Musk unable to control the flurry of controversial tweets?
    Ans- It just hyper active person get overloaded with work comes out with burst on tweeter where he finds out crucial tweets, suggestion etc.
    Q5. Who are the Talibanis? What is their operating philosophy?
    Ans- A sunni Islamic fundamentalist political movement in afganisthan. This group refer itself as IEA(Islamic Emirates of Afganistan).
    Q6. What is the difference between the Science and Technology?
    Ans- Science is information about particular field while technology is this information to build something(device, service etc).
    Q7. Why do scientists feel that Nano-technology will be a miracle cure for cancer?
    Ans- As per the recent study on mice the scientists have found that 80% of the lung cancer was resolved by the nano particles those were injected in the body with anti cancer drug.
    Q8. Why exactly would Turkey generate a global risk aversion towards emerging markets?
    Ans- As Lira is well known and used currency for trade at almost 14 place as per 2016 report all dependent whose trade is done on Lira will start having little push. Other reason that it is financial contagion, the reputation of one emerging nation’s economy goes down it signals other investors that it might happen with the other emerging markets too that’s how it is going toward global risk as per one more trade war after US-China it is now US-Turkey, Turkey might not be strong enough for resisting for long but it has no other option for survival because it got billions of CAD.

    Q9. What is the concept of Foreign Exchange and Import Cover?
    Ans- Foreign exchange is simple term for exchange of currency with exchange rate of other country’s currency. Like you go to airport than you change your dollors in to rupees for use in India. RBI reserve for the currency is called foreign exchange reserve, which is held for the time of recessions to cover the import in case of economy is not doing so well.
    Q10. What is Anti-microbial resistance? Why does it develop?
    Ans- Its about bacteria which were supposed to be finished by the medication become resistant to it. Over time the bacteria generate an immunity toward the anti bacteria medications. In most of the cases when a antibiotic is given not all the targeted bacteria are finished. The remaining ones over time create immunity toward the same medication when given over time.
    Q11. What is the likely impact of the Fall Armyworm agricultural pests in India?
    Ans- As the favorable weather condition and the large eating subset of 80 plant species which also include the staple crops. As it can fly 100 km in a night could chomp out the large amount of crops as night favorable conditions in India is best for him.


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