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  1. Q1) Falun dafa–it is a spiritual exercise and meditation regime with similarities to t'ai chi ch'uan, practised predominantly in China.
    20 jan 1999 को चीन में इनका दमन किया गया
    Q2) top 5 clothing retailers 1.NIKE 2. LEVI'S 3.Ralph Lauren 4. Adidas 5.GUCCI

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  3. Ballot paper pe elections hone chaiye. Election Commission is opposed to it due to increase of work load but can't they see that PPL are loosing faith in the electoral process…I go to vote each n every time whenever there is election but since the time i heard that EVM's can be compromised, I stopped casting my vote……what is the use of casting the vote if victory of any particular candidate is pre decided…

  4. 1.2019 General Elections should be conducted by EVMs or Paper Ballots? My opinion is Paper Ballots along with VVPATs.What is VVPAT & SVEEP? Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) or Verifiable Paper Record (VPR) is a method of providing feedback to voters using a ballotless voting system. Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) is a programme of multi interventions through different modes and media designed to educate citizens, electors and voters about the electoral process in order to increase their awareness and participation in the electoral processes. SVEEP is designed according to the socio-economic, cultural and demographic profile of the state as well as history of electoral participation in previous rounds of elections and learning thereof ‘Many people says even after VVPAT there can be fraud’…How? The introduction of malicious software into a VVPAT system can cause it to intentionally misrecord the voter's selections. This attack could minimize detection by manipulating only a small percentage of the votes or for only lesser known races.Another security concern is that a VVPAT could print while no voter is observing the paper trail, a form of ballot stuffing.Even if additional votes were discovered through matching to the voters list, it would be impossible to identify legitimate ballots from fraudulent ballots.Alternatively the printer could invalidate the printed record after the voter leaves and print a new fraudulent ballot. These ballots would be undetectable as invalidated ballots are quite common during elections.[33] Also, VVPAT systems that are technically able to reverse the paper feed could be open to manipulated software overwriting or altering the VVPAT after the voter checks it.
    2. What are the specific Articles of the Constitution that gives the Supreme Court the power to enforce its verdicts? The power of the Supreme Court is great but ultimately it is only a court of law. … Once a decision has been made, the Supreme Court does not have the ability to enforce its rulings. This can only be done by the Executive and Legislative branches of government.
    3. What is the biggest problem that India is facing in WTO in terms of agreement on agriculture?
    India is giving a vast amount of subsidies and stockpiling buffer stocks in its FCI go-downs to its people. This is affecting the world in two ways.1) Because of the subsidies given by India to its citizens, No other foreign company/FDI can have a fruitful business in India(as they cant sell even cheaper than subsidized food, doing so is just a loss to them).2) Because of the Minimum Support Prices(MSP) Indian farmers are more attracted towards only food grains which implies rise of our buffer stocks . Because of this , India is dumping its excess stocks into International Markets which is a big loass to global competitors.
    The same is applicable to some other countries like India.(mostly Developing Nations).So, in order to check these issues, Developed world(global markets are theirs mostly) and WTO are urging India to restrict its food subsidies to 10% of total buffer value and also to reduce its stockpiles. However India just started National Food Security Act and cant compromise to reduce both. This point was made clear by India at the Bali Conference in December,2013. After negotiations both W TO circles and India came to an agreement that no one will disturb India on this issue till 2014. and promised that a permanent solution to this issue shall be framed soon. All is well till here.
    Turning Point: In the same Bali conference, Trade Facilitation Agreement(TFA) for an easy trade worldwide has also been declared. India is in favour of this also and agreed to sign before deadline i.e; July2014. However till now there is no move by the WTO/Developed nations/US towards framing the guidelines for a permanent solution to subsidies issue and insisted they are first urging us to sign TFA. India is aware that once if we sign TFA we shall be obliged to ease our trade at any cost under which circumstances we will/may be forced to giveup/reduce our subsidies etc . So we are saying " First to deal with the issue of permanent solution to subsidies/stockpiles/agro issues and then we will sign." Mean time the dead line ended and unluckily we are having less support. This is the current contention between India and WTO
    4. What exactly in ‘Falun Gong’ & its relation with China?
    Falun Gong is a modern Chinese spiritual practice that combines meditation and qigong exercises with a moral philosophy centered on the tenets of truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance. The practice initially enjoyed support from Chinese officialdom, but by the mid to late 1990s, the Communist Party and public security organizations increasingly viewed Falun Gong as a potential threat due to its size, independence from the state, and spiritual teachings.
    5. Which are the top 5 clothing retailers of the world?
    a. INDITEX (ZARA),b. Hennes & Mauritz,c. FAST RETAILING(UNIQLO),d. Gap,e.L Brands
    6.What do you mean by ‘Lower Base Effect’? Low base effect in business and economics is the tendency of a small absolute change from a low initial amount to be translated into a large percentage change.
    7.What is the difference between ‘White Goods’ & ‘Brown Goods’ in consumer durables? Brown goods (consumer electronics) & white goods (domestic appliances).
    8.What do you mean by ‘Homogeneous Monocultures’? Monoculturalism is a political policy whereby a single social or ethnic group attempts to dominate and suppress the culture of other ethnic groups in a given country or society. And it should not be heterogeneous. The creation of a homogeneous monoculture has traditionally been one of the dangers of globalization that people have been worried about: the popular culture of just a couple of countries drowning the native culture of everywhere else under it.
    9.What is a ‘Trickle-Down Effect’ & how do you reconcile the fact that 8 of the super-richest of the world hold half of the world’s population’s wealth? The trickle-down effect is a model of product adoption in marketing that affects many consumer goods and services. It states that funds like fashion flows vertically from the upper classes to the lower classes within society, each social class influenced by a higher social class. Unfortunately rich have been growing at the expense of poor & there are corrupt countries where wealth is accumulated at the expense of the poor but this is a case for government,& not bashing free markets.
    10.What is ‘Base Erosion’ & ‘Profit Shifting’ ?
    Base erosion and profit shifting (or BEPS) refers to corporate tax planning strategies used by multinational companies that artificially "shift" profits from higher-tax locations, to lower-tax locations, thus "eroding" the tax-base of the higher-tax locations.[8] These structures are also known as BEPS tools or BEPS schemes.
    11.How does the ‘Weakening Rupee’ affects Exporters/Importers? If the rupee depreciates sharply, then the parity for exports and imports changes immediately, resulting in unnecessary volatility in prices. A weak rupee breeds inflation and a deprecating rupee makes imports of commodities more expensive.
    12.What is ‘Tinkering’ ? Attempt to repair or improve something in a casual or desultory way.
    13.Competitors of ‘RuPay’ ?
    14.What exactly is India’s STACK by NPCI ? IndiaStack is a set of APIs that allows governments, businesses, startups and developers to utilize an unique digital Infrastructure to solve India’s hard problems towards presence-less, paperless, and cashless service delivery(4-distinct layers).
    15.What is ‘Pump-Priming’ ? Pump priming is the action taken to stimulate an economy, usually during a recessionary period, through government spending, and interest rate and tax reductions. The term pump priming is derived from the operation of older pumps; a suction valve had to be primed with water so that the pump would function properly.
    16.What is DMCA Safe-Harbour’? OCILLA was passed as a part of the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and is sometimes referred to as the "Safe Harbor" provision or as "DMCA 512" because it added Section 512 to Title 17 of the United States Code.
    17. Philosophically what exactly is ‘LIFE’? Life is neither fixed nor absolute, it is ambiguous; life is the possibilities entailed by existence. Life is the consciousness of humanity; it is perception of the world and the universe. Also Life is endless joy & nirvana with an after-life(Hindu concept) but on the other hand life is sadness; life is death(Christian concept).


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