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  1. Namaste Students!
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    (1) Current Affairs with PT is your solution for all current affairs learning needs.
    (2) Visit the parent site for full list of posts, including QUIZ and PDF downloads. You will find all our posts on that site itself.
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  2. Sir i am thinking of skipping newspaper daily and go through your videos and notes only. Reason is that i am from delhi and i read the TOI and from page 1-5or 6 there are news of rapes deaths crooks road rage theft etc only on daily basis. These news affect me very much mentally and i couldn't focus on studies for next 2-3 hours. Any solution?

  3. India has paid democracy tax in following ways-
    1. No long term planning in the field of science and technology , defence , International relations.
    2. Competence losses in India . I am sorry to say that but most of our elected leaders are criminals . Compare our top political leaders with Deng Xiaoping , Hu Zintao , Lee kuan Yew (our leaders aren't even 5% of these stalwarts) . Now you will understand the dearth of good , competent and visionary leaders.
    3. Political instability during 90s has caused a great economic loss to our country.
    Postscript: we need alternate of this First past the post system in electoral democracy ( please don't suggest proportional representation because that will be a horrible idea as all castes will have their own party). We need some quassi democratic system in which competent people should be allowed to decide the fate of this country even without being elected by masses. For Example : Country's Finance minister can be Raghuram Rajan or Rajeev Kumar or Amartiya Sen or PN bhagwati or Arvind Subramanian . HRD minister can be our own Sandeep Manudhane or Anand kumar ( the super 30 guy) . And the list goes on.

  4. Our HRD Minister is supporting a resolution by which the the course will be reduced to 50% .
    This is exactly what MNC needed, so that the Math /science education of India weakens.
    Hence India can't manufacturer complex weapons in the Future. By this India's Dependency on US/UK would increase. After India lost all its ability to manufacture weapons, the MNC by the help of US army will loot all the numeral mines of India. And the Missionaries will make wholesale conversation.

  5. Dear PTIAS team, wen you will be provide the PDF format for downloading the material instead of zip file. I have requested to you earlier and u positively responded at that time. Plz do the needful. Files do not open in tab and mobile. Plz make them compatible.

  6. The big 6 names in the field of space exploration are –
    1) ISRO – Indian space research organisation
    2) NASA – National aeronautical space administration (USA)
    3) CNSA – Chinese national space agency
    4) ESA – European Space agency (consortium of European countries)
    5) JAXA – Japanese Aerospace exploration agency
    6) Roscosmos – Roscosmos state corporation for space activities (Russian)

  7. JAXA – Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
    ESA – European Space Agency
    RFSA – Russian Federation Space Agency
    CNSA – China National Space Administration

  8. Achilles heel sir ik kahawat h, Achilles jo ik raja tha jise koi mar ni sakta tha, pr uski heel ik kamjori thi uski jo immune ni thi , or uske heel me tir lagne k wajah se death ho gyi thi.


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