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  2. Date: 22/08/2018
    Q1. What is the official foreign aid acceptance policy of the Government of India for natural disasters? [08:38]
    Q2. Explain is data localization useful or useless? Why? [13:36]
    Q3. Why has Malaysia "revolted" against the BRI project of China? [19:12]
    Q4. What is meant by currency manipulation? [22:08]
    Q5. What are the various risks that a massive project like BRI faces? [25:09]
    Q6. Suggest a 5 point agenda to build peace between India and Pakistan? [25:23]
    Q7. What does the first PIL on the AADHAR and UIDAI issue claim? [30:44]
    Q8. What exactly is a perjury? [40:30]
    Q9. How can criminalization of politics be stopped? [40:43]
    Q10. Why is the NITI Aayog not in favour a strong Indian rupee? [41:04]
    Q11. Explain the concept of the back series of GDP? Why did it become controversial in August 2018? [56:36]
    Q12. Why is Assam said to be as vulnerable to flood waters as Kerala is? [56:47]

  3. Bhavishyavani to sir aapki bilkul sahi Hoti hain .Maine 2 saal pahle ka aapka ek lecture dekha tha jiska name tha,the wonder called China. jisme aapne kaha tha ki ho Sakta hai ki xi jinping president forever ban jayen aur wo bat bilkul sahi sabit hui

  4. While I do appreciate that you put things forward based on facts, to give the impression that a weak rupee will be only catastrophic for the country is just showing one part of the whole picture. 1) while the depreciation of the rupee is inflationary which is very bad for the common man , the rate at which it is depreciating is not necessarily destabilising and ways to mitigate the adverse effects can be put in place. 2) there is a forth constituent of people that you missed who benefit from a depreciating rupee and those are local manufacturers who compete with imports and that is where depreciating rupee helps the most because even though most indian entrepreneurs, including some Big corporate houses have failed to export Indian Products, they have been good at Catering to local consumers when opportunities arise

  5. Data Localization is a good thing.
    1. Companies will have to open data centers locally. That will create jobs and also give local people access to technology (to some extent 😉 )
    2. Government can ask for an audit for extremely very serious issues.
    3. Data will be under legal jurisdiction of local govt.

    1. The cost for maintaining the DC will increase that will ultimately be transferred down to consumers.

  6. Currency manipulation or currency intervention is a monetary policy operation which occurs when a government or central bank buys or sells foreign currency in exchange for their own domestic currency, generally with the intention of influencing the exchange rate and trade policy. Policymakers may have different reasons for currency manipulation, such as controlling inflation, maintaining international competitiveness, financial stability, etc.

  7. Malasiya has turned down China funded three projects worth $22 billion because
    1. Malasiya doesn't need such projects at this point of time.
    2. Malasiya has very high national debt of $250 billion already.
    3. China has levied higher interest rates on funding.
    4. There is a lack of transparency in these agreements as these were signed by Mr. Najib Razak who was deposed under charges of corruption.

  8. Data localisation will definitely give the upper hand but not fully solve the problem.
    Even if companies localize their data here, they will still need to seek permission of US executive before handing over the data to Indian Authorities. 8 of the 10 companies that uses and stores indian data stores their data in US. And USA has this law that mandates any company to seek permission before giving any data overseas.

    However India can solve this problem by getting into CLOUD Act of USA.

  9. If supreme court has no right to enter in case of decriminilasing the criminal politicians then how can sc scraps out NoTa in Rs sir? If sandeep sir didn't c this qt then the one who reads it,is requested to say the answer..


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