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    (1) Current Affairs with PT is your solution for all current affairs learning needs.

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  2. Thanku so much sir for this session….sir i want to know…that…how to make max use of reading newspaper…i must 1st see this video and then read the editorial or vice versa…..i m really very confused……i want to improve my reading skills vocab as well as my gk….what should i do…..i found your channel today only….and i think now my search is over….but plz guid me….how can i make max use of your channel ..i m preparing for sbi po….plz help #respect#

  3. Q1) प्राकृतिक चयन का सिद्धांत इसकी व्याख्या कर सकता है कि पर्यावरण किस प्रकार प्रजातियों और जनसंख्या के विकास को प्रभावित करता है ताकि वो सबसे उपयुक्त लक्षणों का चयन कर सकें। यही विकास के सिद्धांत का मूलभूत पहलू है। यह तंत्र विशेष रूप से इसलिए महत्वपूर्ण है क्योंकि यह एक प्रजाति को पर्यावरण के लिए अनुकूल बनने मे सहायता करता है। 
    Q2) भारत को इंग्लैंड की EU-GDPR policy aur अमेरिका की policy को copy नहीं बल्कि cut copy करनी चाहिये हमें अपनी सामाजिक और आर्थिक अर्थव्यवस्था को ध्यान में रखकर policy बनानी चाहिये

  4. Today's(25th May) Q/As are 1. What exactly is the principle of natural selection of Darwin? More individuals are produced each generation that can survive. Phenotypic variation exists among individuals and the variation is heritable. Those individuals with heritable traits better suited to the environment will survive.

    2. Explain the hazards of using CaC2 ripening of fruits? Fruits ripened with Calcium Carbide are overly soft, are inferior in taste and flavour. They also have a shorter shelf life. The fruit ripened with Calcium Carbide may develop uniform attractive surface colour, but the tissue inside would not be ripe or may remain green or raw. When Calcium Carbide is used in very raw fruit, the amount of the chemical needed to ripen the fruit has to be increased. This results in the fruit becoming even more tasteless, unhealthy and possibly toxic.

    3. Explain the dynamic of oil pricing in India? State-run fuel retailers — Indian Oil Corporation, Hindustan Petroleum and Bharat Petroleum — currently revise rates on the 1st and 16th of every month, based on average international price in the preceding fortnight and the currency exchange rate. In dynamic fuel pricing, retail selling prices of petrol and diesel will be revised daily.

    4. Name the disease in humans which affects only the males but females are the carriers of that DNA material? Genetic diseases

    5. Name the specific variety of wheat seed by IARI which has a record production this year. Sonalika, Kalyansona and HD 2329

    6. Explain the technical processes involved behind the present Sterlite controversy? On March 24, 2018, tens of thousands of Thoothukudi residents flooded the streets of this south Indian coastal town demanding immediate closure of Vedanta Sterlite's copper operations. A horribly outnumbered police force stood helplessly, and eventually thankfully, as the three-hour long meeting wound up with poise, dignity and no untoward incident. The wave of opposition, and the intensity of the sentiment on display was not merely against Sterlite, but also against the agents of the state – the district administration, police and the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board — who have done the corporate giant's bidding since the factory was set up in 1998. In this story about Thoothukudi's pollution, Sterlite is not the villain in the piece. That dubious distinction is reserved for the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board and the Ministry of Environment & Forests, who betrayed the people and failed in their responsibilities as regulators.

    7. Which were the 2 major airline tragedies the Malaysian Airlines saw in 2014 & the mystery involved? The missing Malaysia Airlines plane, flight MH370, had 239 people on board and wasen route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on 8 March 2014 when air traffic control … found there, and is likely to remain the world's greatest aviation mystery. Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 has crashed in Ukraine, on the border with … 7:01AM BST 18 Jul 2014… Nine Britons confirmed to have died in the tragedy ..

    8. How reasonable & logical for India to copy something like ‘EUGDPR’ ? All of a sudden, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that was, until now, being spoken of as an overly prescriptive, compliance-heavy regulation, is being touted as an attractive option. Nations around the world are being advised to bring their laws up to European standards as that is the only antidote to big data.Since India is yet to enact a full-fledged privacy law, we are being told that we have a golden opportunity to adopt the high standards of Europe so that we can inoculate ourselves against any future Cambridge Analytica-style attacks on our democracy. We are being advised not to learn from the mistakes of those around us and enforce, from the get-go, strict restrictions on the collection and use of personal data so that no one will be able to misuse our data to violate privacy.

    9. What is the unfinished agenda of Modi Sarkar till date? Banking sector reforms

    10. What are CLR & SLR & their differences? CRR is a cash reserve ratio and SLR is statutory liquidity ratio. CRR is the percentage of money, which a bank has to keep with RBI in the form of cash. On the other hand, SLR is the proportion of liquid assets to time and demand liabilities.

    The next difference between these two is that CRR is maintained in the form of cash while the SLR is to be maintained in the form of gold, cash and government approved securities.CRR regulates the flow of money in the economy whereas SLR ensures the solvency of the banks.CRR is maintained by RBI, but RBI does not maintain SLR.The liquidity of the country is regulated by CRR while SLR governs the credit growth of the country.

    11. Explain the present politics of Odisha & what was the Kalinga war which Ashok fought? Politics in Odisha takes place within a framework of a federal parliamentary representative democratic republic, where the Union Government of India exercises sovereign rights with certain powers reserved to the states of India including Odisha. The state has a multi-party system where the two main parties are the centrist and secularist Indian National Congress (INC) and the regional socialist party Biju Janata Dal (BJD). The nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has increased in recent years. The Governor of Odisha is appointed by the Union Government and can, in some circumstances, dismiss the state government. The most recent election was held in 2009. Biju Janata Dal came back to power with a thumping majority by winning 103 seats out of 147 seats. Their former coalition allies, the BJP, won only six seats. The opposition INC also lost 11 seats compared to 2004 elections and was the second largest party. Union petroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan sees BJP's performance in Odisha panchayat elections as the beginning of a major political upheaval . The Kalinga War ( c. 261) was fought in what is now India between the Maurya Empire under Ashoka and the state of Kalinga, an independent feudal kingdom located on the east coast, in the present-day state of Odishanorth of Andhra Pradesh. … This is the only major war Ashoka fought after his accession to the throne after which he became Buddhist.

    12. What is the personal selfish interest Donald Trump can have in actually settling an amicable settlement with North Korea?to Earn revunue Who is the V.P of USA?

    U.S. Vice President- Mike Pence


  5. Sir please make a season if possible on Elephants. About their importance, uniqueness and the matriarchal society in elephants, and aggressive behavior during the time of musth.

  6. आपने हमारी जिंदगी को बदल कर रख दिया है। आपको सुनता हूँ तो मज़ा आ जाता है। आप वास्तव में 'गुरु' शब्द का सर्वोत्तम उदाहरण हो। कुछ महीनों से मैं निराशात्मक दौर से गुजर रहा था लेकिन आप आशा की नई किरण बन कर आये। अब महसूस होता है कि क्यों गुरु को भगवान से भी बढ़ कर माना जाता है।
    दिल की गहराई से आपके चरणों में श्रद्धा सुमन अर्पित कर रहा हूँ। 🙏🙏🙏

  7. Sir ab to bs ek Trump ki hi kami Rehti hai baki to sab Apne jivant kar diya hai… missiles ud Rahi hai hathi chinghad rahe hai ….
    Really joyful experience watching your sessions.thank u

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