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  1. Sarfaraz Nawaz of Pakistan was the first one who introduced reverse swing in cricket and pass on his legacy to imran Khan .!

    In India manoj Prabhakar was the first one to use this skill .😃

  2. Canadian Provinces: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Saskatchewan.

    America has 50 states. Is it?

    British Columbia
    New Brunswick
    Newfoundland and Labrador
    Northwest Territories
    Nova Scotia
    Prince Edward Island

  4. J. Chelameswar, Ranjan Gogoi, Madan B. Lokur and Kurian Joseph

    BJP and Congress got to know about the news from Times Now. How did Times Now get the news is still a suspense. Times Now says that they got their news from Amit Malviya, the BJP IT cell head, whereas Malviya says that he got the news from Times Now. That's interesting.

    Some of the popular provinces of Canada are Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland etc.And in America they have 50 states and probably that is why they have 50 stars on their flag. 48 out of these 50 are contiguous states. Alaska and Hawaii are not connected to the rest of the USA.

    Don't know the largest petro reserve question's answer but if I have to guess then I may say Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

    It's possible to replace Facebook but not possible to replace Google. Beside having to work extremely hard to develop artificial intelligence like Google there is another problem and that is that Google is not mere a search engine but a whole ecosystem. If the nation wants it's own search Engine then we need something like android, chrome,maps,gmail etc also. But even if they make something like android the phone developers are not going to use it on their phones because there won't be apps. And since there won't be enough phones with an Indian OS in the market, app developers won't see the need to develop app for that new OS. It's a vicious loop which is unbreakable. Microsoft tried it with their Bing search engine, Bing adwords, adsense and Microsoft OS but failed miserably. Facebok also tries to build an ecosystem with their "login" function for different website but I think that ecosystem is weak.

    Chilies have a substance called Capsaicin. Our body can't digest Capsaicin but our brain gets tricked by it and thinks that our body is facing severely high temperature. And then in an attempt to cool down our body our brain activates all it's cooling mechanism like sweating, thrust etc. I don't know why parrots don't feel the hotness of chilly but maybe it's because their brain doesn't work the way our brain works.

    I think that the bowler is Washim Akram, I am not sure about it though.

    Googol means 10^100

    And I immediately remove myself from Whatsapp groups. Even if a person doesn't believe in the stuffs that is being shared there, a continuous exposure of such fake news can affect our perception in a negative way. Few real news justifying the negative perception built through fake news can radicalize a person. Human brain works in a mysterious way and it's better to stay safe.

  5. The heat of the chillies is due the presence of "CAPSAICINOIDS".
    Important to be known:
    # Capsaicinoids bind to the 'mucous membrane' receptor of our mouth when ingested.
    # This receptor is associated with 'heat & physical abrasion', hence producing burning sensation.
    # This compound Capsaicinoid DOESN'T produce any physical or tissue damage (sirf jeebh jalaati hai :-))
    # Pain produced by repeatedly ingesting chilly, produces "Endorphins" (NATURAL PAINKILLERS in the body).

  6. Reverse Swing bowlers: Sarfaraz Nawaz (late 1970s) –> Imran Khan (team mate) –> Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis

    Google's first motto for corporate code of conduct is "Don't Be Evil". However, Alphabet Incorportion in Oct 2015 changed it to "Do the right thing" simultaneously retaining their original motto. The motto is sometimes misinterpreted as 'Do no evil'..

    Sir, i read the article by Ms. Bhaswati Chakravorty. It is very disheartening to know facts. Many a times, we just listen to people surrounding us and make judgements or just make a perception towards the issue which in fact should be seen through sheer facts. Thanks for bringing such issues which challenges our daily perceptions and to correct it..

  7. Sir, one serios question for you.
    Aapke pass ek din me 24 hr hi hain na?
    Kaise kar lete hain itna kuch??
    CA with PT, personal channel, Po10,Live channel and in between you vociferously are involved in some paid courses.
    Govt.ko aapko "Superman" declare kar dena chahiye.
    Hope to seeing you in this elite list very Soon.
    Charan Sparsh Sir jee….


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