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    (1) Current Affairs with PT is your solution for all current affairs learning needs.
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  3. Aj ek bhi discussion nahi. 😣
    Kal mujhe is channel k bare me pata chala aur uske bad i was excited to see current affair k discussions.
    Aj pura din wait krne k bad feeling sad.

  4. Answers for the session

    Q1. What is the defence budget of India? What is the complain of the 3 wings of Indian Defence with the Military Budget?
    Ans- Union budget 2018-19 for defense is 2.95 lakh crore($46.16 billion). Complain of the 3 wings of Indian defense that the budget is not sufficient. If you can imagine by this that DRDO gets only $2.78 billion to kickstart new R&D department as well as running the existing programs.
    To buy new weaponry budget allocated to 3 wings are as follows army($4.19 billion), Air force($5.58 billion), navy($3.25 billion).
    Q2. What is the reserve currency concept of the World? Why is US dollar the reserve currency?
    Ans- The reserve currency concept is simply mean the currency which is acceptable as only tenure for International trade import/export. As dollar is the only currency which is accepted as reserve currency. After various up and down when world-war 2 went down and the currency backed up gold concept came by America and dollar is used by nations to settle their debt, trade etc. the dollar provided which was equal to gold reserved and anytime the nation can ask for their gold back by submitting the dollars. But by raising inflation in currency as America had issued dollars over many billion worth of gold it hold that time. With Saudi Arabia as a pact between them the Saudi Arabia accept America’s proposal to sell cruide oil only in dollar and in return they got deals in arm from America and hence followed by all the oil producing nations(OPEC). Hence dollar become the reserve currency.
    Q3. How has mankind’s modern greed lead to climate change?
    Ans- Industrialization which lead the pollution as day by day we added more and more ways to overheat our environment. We are polluting in every sense, from over missusage of plastic, pollutions from factories, water pollution, dropping level of underground water, usage of pesticide in crops and extermination of many wild species because of it.
    Q4. What is the debate on Section 497 regarding adultery in marriage?
    Ans- The main purpose of any debate in section 497 of IPC is to rectify if a man is guilty in adultery so why not a women? Or why even the adultery is a crime? As per recent quote by Chief Justice Deepak Mishra the 497 is an old law that is needed a change, it is only objectify the women making her just chattel for person nothing else.
    Q5. What was the controversy surrounding Justice K.M. Joseph’s elevation to the supreme court?
    Ans- On 10th January 2018 the collegium headed by Chief Justice Deepak Mishra recommended uttrakhand’s HC judge KM joseph’s name for supreme court judge but on April 30 the law ministry asked the collegium to reconsider their suggestion and on July 20 the collegium sends back their recommendation for KM Joseph again by saying that he is totally suitable for the position.
    Q6. Why do some people recommend that Pakistan should not be given the bailout package by IMF?
    Ans- As Pakistan have taken loans from China for infrastructural work of CPEC and the loans amount to be paid is in billions so how the new government is going to pay that? While CPEC is one small phase of China’s dream project BRI which china is spreading across many countries. So if Pakistan gets the bailout package now the other countries too will think that they can take the opportunities in BRI of China and then they can pay China’s loan by loan out package.
    Q7. What do you mean by scientific temper? How is it built? Is it a fundamental duty of Indians?
    Ans- It is common to hear that the scientific temper is way of life, so is this only for scientists or we too have this scientific temper? To simplify this see the ability of human being to predict some results. It either can be done by just predicting them or we can build a modal on the basis of we make prediction and see how close or relevant the result is to the prediction. And iterate the process by making changes to the model and again predicting the results.¬¬¬¬¬ This can be called our scientific temper or a normal average scientific temper but the professional in their daily life research and analysis, they use more advance level approach where the create hypothesis about something, make model on that and prediction attached to it. Than they run the cases as per algorithm and finally a modal.
    Yes, it is one of the fundamental duties to develop the scientific temper, humanism and spirit of enqury and reform.


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