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    (1) Current Affairs with PT is your solution for all current affairs learning needs.
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  2. सर मैं आपको आज ही एक चीज बता दूं 1 दिन ऐसा पैनिक बनेगा कि सभी अपना बैंक से पैसे लेकर भागेंगे बेवजह का और इस बिल के डर से और देखिएगा यह होगा और बैंकिंग सिस्टम की धज्जियां उड़ जाएगी और भाजपा की जो उड़ेगी ऑटो उड़ेगी मैं तो अपना पैसा अभी से पोस्ट ऑफिस और SBI में डाल दिया हूं क्योंकि SBI में ही सारे गवर्नमेंट employee और विशेषकर डिफेंस वालों का अकाउंट है इसलिए SBI से छेड़छाड़ करने की किसी की हिम्मत नहीं होगी SBI से छेड़छाड़ करने का मतलब डिफेंस से छेड़छाड़ करना और डिफेंस से छेड़छाड़ करने का मतलब ना गवर्नमेंट रहेगी धन देश रहेगा न लोग रहेंगे l

  3. Bhimrao RAMJI Ambedkar seems nothing but propaganda to promote hindutva by BJP as majority of the people are hindus(We the people of India who give vote for caste and religion not for progress and peace) may safeguard their seats . They don't care about Hinduism when Ambedkar who himself was against of Hinduism, would be used for marketing hindutva between the peoples and it may also work a little bit on dalits ( RAMJI for so called upper castes and Bhimrao for suppressed lower castes).
    This model is similar to Pol Pot model who killed Chinese minorities living in Cambodia inspired by Chinese communist model.

  4. SSC MTS me mere 127.25 marks h aur ek friend ke 124 the use Puri ummed thi nikalne ki rah gya aur Mera bhi confirm nhi h merit list me bahar ho jau. Scam ki sunta hu to padne ka Mann bhi nhi karta Ghar walo ka aur relatives ka pressure h.
    Kyuki agar Sarkari naukari nhi mili to moksh nhi milega Atma ko chahe Vivekananda Kyu na ban Jaye.

  5. Godi Media corporate me jyadatar jagah Hindu Muslim chal rha h, ram mandir chal rha h iska seedha fayda BJP ko hi milega kyuki wo hindutva wali party h aur isme Congress Jo ki moderate h sabse buri fasti h na to Hindu ko follow krti skti h na hi Muslims ko.
    SSC me scam ho gye, Maharashtra me kisano me rally nikali. Anna ko isbar bilkul coverage nhi mila pehle har channel ne advertising ki thi jb UPA thi.
    Samaj nhi ata 2019 me kisi na sunne wali govt ko vote du ya ek aise govt ko jiske head ko bilkul experience nhi politics ka .

  6. Juvenile delinquency is the participation by a minor child, usually between the ages of 10 and 17, in illegal behavior or activities.Also; Railway Recruitment Boards (RRBs) are hotbed of political activities & Railway recruitment should be transferred under the hands of UPSC.

  7. When Microsoft's CEO was Balmer, predecessor to Nadella, he was not against the moon shots, but he wasn't a supporter either. He wouldn't encourage the teams to do things outside of their business. Microsoft before 2014 was focusing on Business only products. They didn't realized, or the leadership didn't want to venture in successful products like Phones, music players and other technologies which has made fortune for their competitors. This is one of the reason why Steve was forced by activist shareholders to resign. When the board wanted to appoint new CEO, they were looking for someone who can think about moonshots but is equal capable of making the organisation sustainable by harvesting the Value. They are investing in technology of tomorrow, not only to ensure that they can compete with likes of Apples, Google's, Amazon's, Tencent's of the world but also to create value for their share holders. Microsoft under its new leadership is on a path to achieve that. They announced a year ago to hire 8000 more engineers and professionals for their new campus which is built keeping in mind the cultivation of new innovation in house. At the same time their business teams ensure that cash cows continue to generate good money so that they can incubate and support the moonshots.

    German brands in precision technology. Automobile etc because of the trade unions for a very long period avoided going in new areas. But because of the pressure of loosing out even these highly successful, financially strong and innovative companies have started looking out of the box. One such example would be better electronic cars from Volkswagen. Their success in alternative energy is something to be discussed in Parliaments around the globe. Indian companies, as we have seen, are dwarfed by finance. Our banks don't lend to high risk ventures. Our companies look for listing in NASDAQ before our exchanges. I understand money is cheaper their but if finance is given to Indian Entrepreneurs and not just bank loan with 15% interest but strategic finance, which not only looks at companies balance sheet but also the capabilities of their Intellectual Property, I think it will act as a catalyst.

  8. The employment process of the govt is really in a dismal state…
    From SSC to RRB and many others.
    Either the dates of exams keep on extending or the process of Selection.
    Days are not far when the incident of 2010 which took place in Tunisia will be a real outcome of it.
    Hope it don't take place.
    But we are in a dire strait and the situation is very well poised for.that incident to happen.
    Jai Hind.

  9. Successor: After the ball tampering incident , it is unknown who will be the natural successor to Steve Smith.
    Predecessor: Urjit patel has simply not been able to fill the huge void created after his predecessor was not given an extension.

  10. Sir one more thing you should include in the session that I made 12000 HP loco which first ever locomotics make in india….second thing also india made its own self propelled train like metro but it will used as semi high speed train…

  11. PT education HQInline of the other four verdicts by supreme court I believe triple talaq verdict was also a landmark judgement in the same context as others. What's your opinion sir ?? Thank you

  12. Please Read it…..Could you enlighten us about responsibilities of Election commission as a constitutional body, Can election devise methods to engage non-enganing discouraged voters to comeinto mainstream electoral process, by this, I dont mean tribal areas or distant areas out of reach, I want to talk about the educated people, the middle-class and educated migrants and office workers who because of lack of purpose and faithlesness in electoral process do not give their votes, reasons being threat of violence, life threat or burden of long queues and harshness of queue system, Also this purposeless elections in India allows parties to manufacture divisive and appeasement politics and various other criminilization methods, My proposal is giving 1% tax rebate for centre, state,all other elections when citizens give votes, a total of 3% tax rebate for doing democratic duty and being part of democratic process and purpose of reaping benefits of Democratic process, This will give citizens, middle-class, office people a reason to cast their votes sensibly and also end the reliance of parties on groups of people for taking votes, this will end all divisive, caste, appeasement Politics, this is Policy reform and another thing can be done by technology by using OTP creating bank devices turned into voting cards with biometrics and linked with AAdhar such that no one can hijack any booth or forcefully make any one vote, since when people are dispersed and at their homes no goons can control such big demographics untill all such people assemble in one place. Can this be done, I would like to know and if so how to do it.


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