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  1. Sir, according to the SC verdict , by overruling the 1998 notification , it stays that the LG still can suggest amendments and can refer to the president in there's any difference in opinion but just can't sit on the orders passed by the State government . So technically at the end of the day LG does hold such a power then it's still not entirely statehood in Delhi yet? Is it?

  2. Sir one request…. First of all congrats on 25th anniversary of PT education…. On this special occasion I request u to give ur brief introduction in next video of this series like ur journey, how u started this great institution and what hurdles u faced…. It will be a great great motivation for all of us and will help us in our daily lives too

  3. Your 8th news regarding migration of indians to us…its good that it will increase the fdi of india but isnt it also causing a high level of brain drain and also considering that indians are migrating to us and other western and asian developed countries in a humongous ratio doesnt it also show the inefficientness of india as a country to inhibit her intellectual and capable childrens ?just my pov thanks.
    And sir what about the english version for level 101 basic current affairs?

  4. three reasons for UT existence
    1-strategic – andaman nicobar and lakshdwip .
    2-cultural – daman and divu and dadar and nagar haveli.
    3-administrative – delhi , puducherry and chandigarh.

  5. Sir I tried to open but not correct site to wishing u here "Sir, u r great, u r one of d great miracle of God, If teachers of our country becomes like u then definitely our country will gain it's previous glory & respect. I want to develop my knowledge & learning like u. U r very great motivation for us. Congratulations Sir for completing 25 years of bestowing ur blessings on us…✨🎂🎆🎁🎉🎇".

  6. Answers in simple language-

    Q1. Why is Washington DC a standalone administrative entity?
    Ans- Amercia is made of 50 states but you know what, Washington DC is not one of them. It although pays it taxes to both US and District of Columbia. They don’t hold voting rights to US presidency as they hold representation of standalone administrative entity but even with their earned money and taxes they can’t pass a new bill and use that money for it.

    Q2. Why exactly do Union Territories exist in India?
    Ans- There are basically pointed reasons because of those Union Territories exist. These are the regions which are too small to be a state and to unique to be merged into another state.
    For small region you can take example of Andman & Nicobar islands and Lakshdweep.
    Too unique – Pondicherry (was French colony), Daman & Diu, Dadra & Nagar Haveli (Portuguese Colony). They were so different in language,living style and system that they didn’t want to be part of any state.
    Special status- Chandigarh (Common capital of Punjab, Haryana) and Delhi(Capital of India) you can take as an example.

    Q4. Why do we need to have an MSP system in agriculture at all in India? Can we not have a free market mechanism where we don’t have any MSP concept at all?
    Ans- We can have a open market for farmers but there are some point which will create problems at a points I guess.
    a)- In case of excess production, the problem of storage.
    b)- Price Inflation problem may arise, as there would be no fixed price for articles.

    But these problems can be solved easily if government collaborate with some private sectors to develop such platform like an open online marketplace for farmers where they can set their prices for their crops and the delivery of goods can be done by public sector company.


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