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  1. Namaste Students!
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    (1) Current Affairs with PT is your solution for all current affairs learning needs.
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  2. jai hind sir and thank you for thiis great initiative… it is so interesting that after my office time , being tired i just enjoy your lectures and at the end i gained knowledge effortlessly.

  3. Hello sir thanks a lot . Jaha tak China Ka sawal h I always knew ki aesa hi Hoga ..u still seems optimistic which might be a good thing in these circumstances but being practical I just want to tell you that this is race we already lost. India as a country as an economy is just getting worse day by day .. we actually are on a reverse gear and the worse part is u can't do anything at all…
    Sir main Uttarakhand se Hu aur Jo yeh environment destruction ki baat h wo to India mein kaun dhayaan deta h. This whole concept of chaar dhaam project is a threat to the biodiversity and natural flaura and fauna. Pura river bed ki watt laga Di h was a sensitive and secure zone but now at a high risk ..
    Demonetized currency and Nepal Ka toh yeh connection ha sir ki Nepal mein ab bhi India se puraane note snuggle ho rahe h ..Jo yaha Nahi convert kar paaye unhone waha transfer Kar diye. Claps for Indian government once again for creating such mess of this too.

  4. I am waiting the day when INDIA has it's own Google, Facebook and YouTube.
    It's looking impossible because the prominent person like Ratan Tata who boasting about Google , Facebook etc.
    If someone hurts above lines so I'm sorry for that.

  5. China is not only accelerating in technology but also in finance. They are financing not just companies around the globe but also countries. They have been active in Asia, as we all know that but more so in Africa. Zambia, which is on the verge of defaulting, a debt re-structuring is going on. Chinese money is omnipresent. Zambia's Airports and Roads have become more important to their leadership and to continue that borrowing from China is inevitable. China has also increased its influence on the IMF and World Bank. IMF has a system where in they have a vote, and the more you contribute to the fund more votes you get. So India isn't powerful on that front either. China has become formidable in finance also. Yesterday's China was comfortable with Hong Kong being the high finance hub, but recent changes in the leadership, regulatory and general communist party outlook towards finance, we can observe the paradigm shift. With American educated leaders at the helm of financial affairs, China will also have an equivalent of New York in few years. But, China also has a major debt problem. The industrial districts of China, mostly relying on state backed factories and agriculture, they have rampant corruption, high levels of municipal debt etc. But, this is not enough for making any significant negative impact on the growing economic, strategic and diplomatic might that China has become. The west has been trying to focus on this little problem for a while. Analysts sitting in expensive real estate of Manhattan have been writing about China debt problem, bubble etc. But that hasn't lead to any downfall or anything. It would be interesting to see, when China becomes the ideal choice for Indian Entrepreneurs (which it has already become, not just in tech but also in legacy industries like Steel etc.) for financing. Governments anyone can't do anything about it. The sun never set on the British Empire for 200-300 years. For the next fifty, it won't set on the Chinese.

  6. On rbi declaration to have their own cyptocurrency, there is a new concept of private blockchain called hyperledger where there can be central authorities. May be rbi might be thinking of private blockchain.


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