DAILY MATHS HARD Questions series SET-19 SSC CGL, CPO, CDS, NDA, CAT by Gagan pratap - Videos


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  1. sir bas ek hi request hai ssc mains se pahle tak please ye series continue kare .sir i got good marks at ssc 2017 pre but failed to do the same at mains level because i practiced only previous years and my mind goes blank while attempting questions on geomerty and especially mensuration and due to this my whole maths exam hampered 🙁 … and i think aspirants should contribute so please share your paytm number……

  2. Ratio between Rahim‘s age four years hence and Meher‘s age three years ago is 6 : 5. If the ratio between Rahim‘s age two years ago and Meher‘s age four years hence is 6 : 11, find the ratio of Rahim‘ age to Meher‘s age.

    Please solve without equation


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