Daily News Simplified 01-06-18 (The Hindu Newspaper – Current Affairs – Analysis for UPSC/IAS Exam) - Videos


Presented by: Mr. Mangal Singh, Rau’s IAS Study Circle

News Covered Today:

1. Hillock Gibbon – Key facts
2. WHO report – Tobacco consumption in India
3. The Commercial Court Act 2015 – Amendments
4. National Medical Commission Bill, 2017
5. Left Wing Extremism – Challenges

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  1. Dear Rau'sIAS, How can we get Focus Magazine….As the previous magazine topics covered and showed in the videos are exceptionally good…So lead us whether do we need to buy or can available in website ( Searched but found only March 2018)

  2. Thank you Rau's Ias for DNS….it would of great help if the articles discussed in the videos are shared in pdf format(so that revision becomes fluid and saves time without watching video again)…pls provide the same.


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