Daily News Simplified 23-07-18 (The Hindu Newspaper – Current Affairs – Analysis for UPSC/IAS Exam) - Videos


Presented by: Mr. Ankur Sharma, Rau’s IAS Study Circle

News Covered Today:

1. US proposal on dealing with Taliban & Impact on India
2. White Helmets
3. Proposed changes to RTI Act, 2005
4. GDP Deflator
5. CAATSA Law implications on India – Revision
6. Watershed Development
7. Slow progress under PMKSY
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  1. Sir is the coverage shown in video enough? Along with these topics I also covered UN model for cross border insolvency, Cotton harvesting machine introduction in Indian market, Army to get heavy gun artillery from south korea for first time, GST slabes to be reduced from 5 to 3, Proposal to amend POSCO act 2012 progress, Timber thinning issue in darjeeling, Odisha police pangolin racket strategy MLAT, Digital armies by UP police to avoid lynching. I read these topics keeping in mind the areas of Science and tech, environment and foreign events affecting India. So, the news items which I picked from paper are also important or not?
    Please reply, Thank you.

  2. ans: Public affairs centre :-released since in 2016 by bengaluru base PAC,not for a profit think tank aims:to improve governance in india
    **large States
    1)kerala topped(3rd consecutive year since-2016)-best governed state
    **smaller states(<2cr)

  3. Sir there is nothing mentioned about Daily News headlines (DNH) in the description of the video.

    And when I clicked the link for today's news, popup notification arrived that "can't load the link".

    Please do let me know.


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