Daily News Simplified 29-06-18 (The Hindu Newspaper – Current Affairs – Analysis for UPSC/IAS Exam) - Videos


Presented by: Mr. Naweed Akhter, Rau’s IAS Study Circle

News Covered Today:

1. Prelims 2018 – GM Mustard
2. Target to improve farmer’s income
3. Swachh Iconic Places
4. India-US disconnect
5. Biodiversity a hurdle – CBD, Cartagena Protocol, Nagoya Protocol
6. James Webb Telescope

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  1. Thank you very much. I have tried watching other DNA videos of the Hindu made by others but none come near your Quality And detailed analysis of The Hindu. Really appreciate your efforts and you certainly deserve far more views. Keep the good thing going!

  2. Nice summary but you have mistakenly mentioned that India has signed the foundational agreements
    India has just signed one of the three foundational agreements
    Rest two it has yet to sign


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