Daily Series – General Awareness and Current Affairs- Japan: Royal Family, Demography and Disputes - Videos


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Welcome to this brand new video series on General knowledge. There are two parts in GK. One is static GK and other is current affairs. in these videos, we would be covering country-specific GK. in addition to this, there is a quiz added to every video to keep us engaged. This course is targeted to everyone.So, Ajith welcomes you all once again, let us delve into this fascinating realm of GK. In this course, he will explain all the facts and current affairs related to the various countries and also daily one lesson will be there for various countries of the world. It’s a must watch course for any competitive exam. Tags: Learn about Countries and their Facts, General Awareness about Countries, Current Affairs of Countries, Current Affairs and Facts about India, Current Affairs about India, CAT Examination, CAT Syllabus.

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