Daily Vocabulary – Learn 5 Important English Words in Hindi every day – Set 12 - Videos


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  2. 1- In this busy scenario children become contumacious because they do not get love and care of parents.
    2- Few days back I felt like to watch a movie and I selected LOVE YOU ZINDAGI but it was longueur for me.
    3- It is a demand of the time that a person should not be reprobate.
    4-Hectic schedule of this private job beleaguered my preparation for a government job.
    5-It is very rare to find an abstemious in this era.

  3. lalu yadav's parole approval has somewhat diminished his beleaguered situation….but his contumacious son still woos with longueur statement regarding various embezzlement….but the entire reprobate family still not becoming themselves abstemesious….and it's their quotidian whataboutery…..

  4. A reprobate person always be in beleagured situation due to his careless nature while abstemious person live in peace
    welcome to point out any grammatical mistake

  5. Finally contumacious ruler of north korean Kim jong un and Donald trum has got ready to meet by face in june2018.
    Xyz was so reprobate that he did not even care of other's feeling in order to fulfill his desire.
    Increasing unrully incident will further beleaguer the country.


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