Daily Vocabulary – Learn 5 Important English Words in Hindi every day – Set 9 on Fanfaronade - Videos


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  2. Thank you Mam 😊 Words are Awesome❤️
    ✔️✔️Fanfaronade : Arrogant or boastful talk , boastfulness , vainglorious ( excessively proud) speech or behaiour , empty self assertive boasting. , Rodomontade , braggadocio , gasconade , brag , bombast , bluster , boast , bravado , rant , swagger.
    ✔️✔️ Condominium : Block of flats , appartments.
    ✔️✔️ Newfangled : Attracted to novelty , of the newest kind , ultra modern , novel , different from what one used to , objectionably new..
    ✔️✔️Bloviate : To speak or write verbosely and windly , long winded verbose speeches , talk at length in an empty way( to Bloviate means to go on and on especially in a pompous way) , speaks in empty , pretentious , full of himself manner , When you talk a lot and say little.
    ✔️✔️ Traduce : Defame , To expose , To shame or blame by means of falsehood and misrepresentation , to injure by speaking ill of , to speak badly or tell lies about someone to tarnish their reputation , Calumniate, Villify , slander..


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