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EMF Danger from Cell Phones
When you hold your cell phone up to your ear, 10% to 80% of the radiation from the phone penetrates two inches into your brain. In children, the penetration is even deeper. Studies have shown that cell phones held near the head cause brain wave changes in 70% of people. The potential danger is so widely accepted that insurance companies are beginning to exclude coverage for injuries related to wireless phone radiation exposure.



  1. Turn all of your wifi off (routers phones computers). I had to call my cable company to turn off the wifi connected to the modem they gave me. There is no manual switch. I disconnect every night just in case it's still sending a signal. Use Ethernet. Always keep your mobile data off unless in use and never use wifi. This is frustrating because everywhere we go anymore people and places are all using wifi, so we are forced to swim in this nonsense all day long (if you live in the city, especially apartment complex as I do) if we want to function w/in society. Day by day I'm getting more and more of a sense that I need to move out of the city and this beast of a system altogether.

  2. keepin my phone and my tab in the other room at night and while not using it. switching wifi off at night, but all neighbours still have theirs running. heard now its best to keep the mobiles on flight modus too while not using it. since 14 years a cellphone tower on one of the neighbour blocks, no sleep, no calm minute at home. if you try to warn ppl, not to sleep near it or not keep it at your body all the time they call you crazy.

  3. I was going to disagree with you, because i worked in a Dynamometer lab for years, and had high exposure to
    emf's, even though most area were shielded, then it dawned on me i have had cancer twice, and no one that
    retired from the building i worked in lived much past 70-74, and that's about it, they have a stroke, or get massive
    cancer out of nowhere. Many people seemed to have mental problems in that facility too, now that i think
    about it. So maybe you're onto something with the emf theory, but there was a lot of chemical exposure in some
    of the building i worked in too, industrial coolant, and we used many gases that were toxic to calibrate our
    analyzers, even still, there was a high rate of weirdos in that place. Be lying if i said it didn't get to me too,
    but i changed employment after several years there, some would say that in itself is insane, but after several
    years away from there, i actually do think, and feel better. Now as a radio guy, i know darn well, enough RF and
    your going to die, these guys running amplifiers with enough power, that if it were a tube it could be used in
    a cat scan machine, are exposing themselves to levels of radiation, now and then, that can cause cancer.
    One of them is a Youtuber, might be a fan of yours because you seem to predict skip conditions pretty good
    even though i know that is not your goal, just wish he would start running them withe lids on, I can't leave a
    comment on his videos, so that kinda narrows it down. Nothing against him, i am a fan, just saying.

  4. There are some companies that claim they can eliminate the emf radiation by plugging into the outlet or attaching to a cell phone. Do these actually work?  I will get the name of the product so you answer specifically.

  5. Deborah Tavares is talking about the dangers of 5G it is bone chilling, especially when she talks about the US map and how it is encircled with these devices.

  6. I worked on a big dairy bankruptcy case where a local power company was discharging excess power into the ground and it affected the cows and closed the dairy. There is a big lawsuit in L.A., too. Interesting and makes sense.

  7. Go to your microwave and dishwasher, it will play with your mood. Airplane mode for cell phones if you need to reduce your exposure or a foil/tin type containing box also helps. You can hard wire any wireless devices if they have Ethernet jack. These EMF meters are on Amazon for cheap.

  8. Our mitochondria have a membrane in which electrons move …There are protein complexes in this membrane that contain iron… If antennas are made of metals, and conduct electricity from emf, then, why wouldn't METALS in your body ?? Mitochondrial disfunction is the primary cause of cancer and many other diseases…


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