Data Sufficiency GMAT Class: The Anatomy of a Data Sufficiency Question - Videos


This video is part of a free live online GMAT lesson taught by Veritas Prep’s Vice President of Academics, Brian Galvin. In this lesson, Brian will show you how the GMAT testmakers make data sufficiency questions difficult and what you should be aware of to correctly solve these tricky questions.

This lesson was taught using Veritas Prep’s state of the art online classroom allowing for seamless and engaging live online learning. Visit to learn more about taking a live online GMAT course with Veritas Prep.

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  1. can we use the law of cosignes in the isosceles triangle question? that way, we could find which sides sum up to 180 degrees in angles, so that the answer an be option c instead of option e?

  2. in the question what is the value of integer z, the b statement is Y is not a prime number so why 2 is the correct number as it s a prime number? i really get confused on this question if you can give me more clue. thank you

  3. is K a primera number?

    K= 10! + m .. where 1<m<8..

    how do you know the answer.. I tried with a different number like

    k = 3! + m , where 1<m<8..
    k= 6+5
    k=11…prime number


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