DAY 19 – 30 New Words in 30 Days – Series - Videos


On high demand I have started this “30 new words in 30 days – series”.
I will upload 30 capsule videos every day until 30 days. All you have to do is to watch it everyday, learn a new word, understand its meaning & usage and use it multiple times that day.
Over a period of 30 days you would have learnt 30 new words in a jiffy and increased your vocabulary.


U_ I_ U_ T _ U _



  1. Having purchased 77 percent stake in Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart for a whopping 16 billion dollars deal, the Walmart is about to become more and more ubiquitous in Indian retail industry.

  2. Now a days disease surveillance projects are ubiquitous in the world to eradicate communicable diseases and to save the world from a perilous situation. It is also necessary to avoid dilemma among people. The authorities should take pragmatic solutions to overcome these problems.

  3. Nithya summer vacation get started and she is so exhilarated that she will be moving to her grandma place. One fine day she boarded into flight which was squalid here and there. She felt so sizzling after reaching her grandma place and found tiny air conditioner over there. One fine day all together went for trucking and she felt that it was perilous track to move ahead and initially got petrified later handled it in diligent way .We were oblivious that parking of vehicles done in Chaotic way which leads to have catastrophic experience. Later everyone got mesmerize by exquisite scenery with plethora of flowers, pristine clouds all together makes us emancipate from traumatic life with profound silence. We all had a great experience with exquisite nature and been unanimous to visit once in every three months. Being exposed to pristine nature we can eradicate mental stress moreover being a gregarious personality we had voracious enjoyment. Finally journey ended with excruciating body pains and strangest part is ubiquitous of mobile network😜


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