Dear Swirling Black Men: We Are DONE!!! - Videos


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  1. Hi, Cyn… I was always one of the biggest champion of our men but, I have completely given up and really don't even post about black love or try to encourage it anymore.

    I'm totally exhausted and exasperated with these black coons, bucks and traitors. The actions of these black men are extremely embarrassing and shows their depraved mindset.

    My heart is broken for my sisters who desire the love and devotion of a protector and provider, that just doesn't exist. My hat is off to you and others like brother Amiri of The Great Liberators. 💯✔

  2. +Cynthia G Yo girl so you are what your father is because it’s been proven that the tendencies of the father (especially criminality) are usually inherited. I learned this in my criminology class at University. The race of the father seems to always be dominant, as well as personality traits. Also, if you think about it socially, we take our father’s names. I think it was 3x likely that if the father is a criminal versus the mother that the children will offend. Also culturally we tend to follow our fathers.

  3. We don't have BP collectively fighting back in a war; we only have individuals battling like me fighting back against my racist property management team who came for me financially and are paying for it in civil court now; they're realizing too late that this will cost them more money than they bargained for and it's too late for all this settling they're trying to do. Now I have to make an example of them; my Creator won't let up, I'm spiritually warring against them and won't let up until all three of them who worked cohesively against me are destroyed in their livelihoods for coming after mine. I wish to God all Black people had fight in them for the hybrids who hate them and not just each other! I will fight you back in every method to use against me; if you talk junk, I'm talking junk back. If you got me, I'm hitting you back harder, if you want to play with guns, then I'm shooting back… I'm just NOT for the Bull💩 and just letting people walk all over me – what is wrong with them not having any love for themselves to protect themselves!

  4. I think people in general today from every race are dumb af now, but BP are under attack, so we can't afford to be as dummied down as everyone else…We have some wise people, but our fools have got to start exercising discernment and catching up to them to get on the same page.

  5. Shout out to all my brothers who got black wives on they arm and beautiful black children. I have five daughters and one son. I teach him now he's only 6 but I teach him about his black Queens. He know what's up. All brothers ain't the same. And ion rock with ones with white bitches. Conversations ain't even the same. Black love forever

  6. Look, I usually don't discuss looks unless I'm on my account with my pic, but why do we keep ignoring his big weak chin (looks like a pelican with an expanded beak full of fish)?
    It's irritating when they actually have an exceptional body, but it's shadowed by such an obvious glaring flaw…It's like a chick with a banging body, but an ugly face – it's just disappointing when they're supposed to be such a heartthrob.

  7. Look, I just realized that I've pretty much completely stopped watching lovelyliti since she compromises too much; I think people like that should just avoid racial commentary altogether, b/c they're going to pander to their non-Black audience. She wants to be in Hollywood's entertainment industry (acting, modeling, etc.) so I just hope she doesn't change her stance on bleaching and end up doing that to come up too. She has some good stuff and I respected her hustle, but I can't with the straddling the fence, yet still wanting to discuss conscious issues.

  8. Um, well I do need to be married and popping a baby out in the next two years like my bf wants and while I'm still young so I can snap back right quick; I'm sorry but I am concerned about it messing my body up. The older you get then the harder it is to bounce back.

  9. Lol I just said that…Paris is thinking like me concerned about getting her body back since that gravity pull is real the older we get. My sister's boobs deflated after breastfeeding too. Wish there was a way to breast feed w/o making the breasts sag.

  10. My bf already wants to put one in me too @Paris Milan, but I do want to wait at least a year or two in the marriage to build an airtight bond as husband and wife before adding the babies to the equation to withstand the test of time and trials that come against families.

  11. I 100% agree that we should IMMEDIATELY completely withdraw our support from swirling/colorist black men and women. And we need to stop just saying it. We need to actually DO IT. The moment you see a Becky (or any other non-sista) on a black man's arms or hear him making derogatory statements about black women or hear him talking that "I love ALL women" bull**it, STOP going to his movies, STOP buying his music, STOP going to his games, etc.. Don't give him 1 red cent ever again. Did I say ever again? Yes. I said and I meant EVER AGAIN.

    This should be easy for black women to do since these swirlers/colorists obviously hate you. Stop dreaming about you and the Michael B. Jordan types together in love and get to firing their sorry *sses. They love anything not black. Accept it. There's black men who still love black women. Focus your love AND MONEY on them. It's past time we cut off these traitors.

    ON ANOTHER NOTE…If ya'll didn't hear about the demonic violent she-primitive police officer who kicked that pregnant black woman (Evoni Murray) in the stomach check it out. And keep in mind that these violent animals (who constantly attack black people who've done nothing to them) are supposed to be so much better than black women according to the self-haters.

  12. If you come to think about it it sounds like with Michael B Jordan did is similar to what these swirling black women do who exclude only black man from the dating pool I don't respect any black men or women who exclude their own people from the dating pool at the end of the day all I need is black women

  13. krystalin K promotes swirling on the Front End, and Chrissie promotes swirling on the back end which is why I unsubscribed to her Channel. SWP or InfiniteWisdom is another one who I am highly suspicious of as for who he's going to end up with. But I don't see much if any promotion of swirling from his channel, Cynthia I don't agree with everything you say, but a lot of it I do agree with you on. I love you as a sister & glad that you speak out for our ppl.

  14. These comments are hilarious 😂 black men are obviously only allowed to like black women if they like anything else they are scum for having a type. That is basically what I’m seeing in these comments it’s retarded

  15. L.M.F.O.!!!! 😆😄😃😂

    My Baby said that as long as she's doing You Tube videos, yure going to hear the truth regardless.👂 Come flicking on her channel, expect to get that work put in on your conciousness!! Dropping truth bombs back 2 back!!
    Don't let up Carmo Mommy!!
    Trust & believe that many of us truly understand your stress and frustration. The strength you carry gives proof in your pudding due to the fact that yure so persistent in your anologies, articulated talent to point out grey areas & serious flaws within black society. Most of the time your solutions lye within the issues you are addressing. Marvelous work yes indeed!!!
    You was made for this, in case you didn't know. The ancestors have blessed you with an assignment in which you must grow in harmony with. So many of our people eat off of you nation wide & all across the globe.🌎

  16. Guys… maybe we really just aren't smart.

    Perhaps we should just accept it and commit to being inferior as a race.

    I never thought I'd give up on black people, but I really think that this Michael Jordan thing was just the final nail in the coffin in my faith in black American men.

    I think I have given up on black people.


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