DETERMINANTS Exercise 4.2 Q11 Important | Class 12 Maths NCERT Solution | Properties of Determinants - Videos


NCERT CHAPTER 4 DETERMINANTS Exercise 4.2 Complete Playlist Link

By Nitesh Choudhary
Class 12 NCERT Exercise 4.2 Question 11 is discussed in this video.

In this video, we will learn the use of FIFTH CONCEPT in proving questions of determinants – using properties of determinants and without expanding.
CONCEPT: Creating RHS factors by adding rows or columns in LHS of determinant and then creating two zeros in a row or a column, if there are three 1’ given
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  1. Thanku sooooooo much sir….ur concepts to solve the questions have helped me a lot to solve varities of RD sharma questions….thanku so much…u made me so happy and doing sums like flowing water…god will bless u alwayssssss


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