Difference between ‘Is made of’, ‘is made from’ – English Grammar with Examples in Hindi - Videos


In this video – different uses of “is made of” and “Is made from”

This video is useful for all those who want to use preposition in English Grammar for general use, as well as to appear in competitive exams such as SSC CGL, Bank exam, CAT exam, SBI PO etc. In this English tutorial video, How to fit them in English sentence structure with step-by-step types of apocalypse and examples in Hindi, Anil has shown a separation between a prequel and combination with an example in Hindi
If you are looking for low level details about how to use different levels, then this video can be helpful for you as a starting point if you have foundations based on English grammar, prequel phrases, predictions etc. If you want to understand, then it clearly helps to know English, to help you know that time, place, position, direction, agent, purpose, method, etc. This English tutorial is useful for Indians, Pakistanis and others around the world who can understand Hindi.

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