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Students often confuse between choosing Computer science and IT engineering in colleges. They both seem to be similar. We discuss the difference between the 2 engineering and how the careers are different in these two fields. In CS VS IT, we will also see how IT grads can go into CS and CS grads can go into IT fields.

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  1. and please if u can please make a video on what exactly happens different branches of engineering ex mech,electric and other major because most of the students know less about them and such videos are also not available on youtube and also include ece please.

  2. sir ! A continuous hard work you do for us to make such videos is simply phenomenal ! thanks ! Sir , it would be a great help if you make a video describing all engineering branches with subjects and career options including some tips to help students like us to select the right branch in first year engineering !!! thank u very much ! keep uploading such vjdoes!

  3. Sur I am good at maths and I love PNC and probability. Can you suggest me a field(any branch of engineering or any other profession, except teaching) which is maths oriented?
    I am not interested in computers and coding.


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