Digestive System Revision ( Crash Course ) For NEET / AIIMS – 2018 ; NCERT BASED - Videos


For More Revision videos for NEET / AIIMS – 2018 go to
2 ) Human Respiratory System Revision Video @ https://youtu.be/EF-D9VwU3kQ
3 ) Human Circulatory System Revision Video @ https://youtu.be/4QNE0fr5uPY

Student’s support is much needed . Please share this video with other PMT aspirants , so that i can reach students throughout India and every one gets benefitted with my teaching .

Dr. Raj Singh is a MBBS Doctor from RIMS , Ranchi. He is also a passionate BIOLOGY faculty for PMT preperations.
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Website @ https://cityofbiology.wordpress.com/



  1. Please SHARE videos of this channel with your friends on Whatssapp and Facebook.. It takes lot of hard work to PLAN / RECORD / EDIT the video before it is finally uploaded on YouTube. More and more students watching and appreciating the videos motivates me to make more quality
    videos for you all . Thank you..

  2. Sir….. After human physiology… Plz make a video on disease…. All possible disease given in ncert 11 and 12… One for animal and one for plant…. Plz sir… It would be very helpful and unique also.. As no such video on YouTube is there… Thank you sir

  3. Thank a lot sir . I am a huge fan of your teaching style. please please please sir …make a video on important topics from class 11 and 12 , that has a high probability to come in neet 2018 before 10 April as you made last year. because neet has similar questions as you discuss.

  4. Aweedome video sir👍👍👍 but i have a doubt that according to ncert liver has 2 lobes but according to u it is 4 lobes if this question comes in exam then which option will be considered correct 4 lobe or 3 lobe ????
    Pls reply sir

  5. Thanku sor thanku thanku soo mch for such a great help….i m lacking words to express gratitude for ur support…..best biology teacher for neet….all the revision videos are great nd ekdn neet oriented… Thnxx alot… May god fulfill all ur dreams….nd bless u… 😇😇😇


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