Draft National Policy on E-Commerce in India, 2018 – Explainer by Sandeep Manudhane - Videos


*Draft National Policy on E-Commerce in India, 2018 – Explainer by Sandeep Manudhane*

The new policy proposed takes into account the large size of the growing Indian e-commerce market, and the need to protect and nurture Indian brands. It proposes sweeping reforms through setting up of a single regulator, and resolving consumer and FDI related disputes. Data localisation too is proposed.

Sandeep Manudhane explains the entire evolving dynamics of the situation.

Useful for professionals, students, and all learners.

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  2. Thanks for the well researched session on this imp topic..
    Block chain can be a game changer in e commerce market by removing the middle man.. like defence projects govt shud approach big corporate houses to fund home grown cloud platform..

  3. Can any one please share the link of the" Draft National Policy on E-Commerce in India, 2018". I am unable to get access to the draft, tried searching the website of Ministry of Commerce but couldn't get through. Thanks

  4. Thank you Sir. You had covered News related to this in the CA with PT Series but I was not able to understand it with this much depth. I read the news clipping and even searched for more. Nothing made it as clear as this one.

  5. Brand India vanishing, only " market India" left means we are not producing companies to sell Indian product or produce it instead we are providing market for foreign goods and companies and becoming only consumer

  6. I cannot expect such a comprehensive and detailed analysis of some critical issues in a very simple layman language, from any other YouTuber.

    Thank you soooo much Sir.
    We are all fortunate to taste a bit of your wisdom Everytime you upload explainer series, among others.

  7. India should stands it's on own feet and should not dependent on other giant market sector companies and also Indian government and Indian consumer should give priority to first Indian market , if Indian goods are not appropriate then only moved to foreign product.India have capabilities to construct giant E- comercial market but need of government stands to construct and should give incentives to Indian entrepreneur startup's.We should not only make himself job seekersker but also job creater.
    Sir ,say one thing is very good I may not be Nationalist but a patriotic to nation.

  8. yes, sir, you are absolutely correct that we Indians do not have any big famous brand ruling any big market in the world. I observed that any new startup with an innovative business model gets funding from big global investors including Google and Amazon and not to forget Tencent and softbank. Indian investors should fund such startups. startups like curefit and shutll were the recent startups created by Indians that we lost to global giants.


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