E-Commerce Policy Draft – Why are Amazon Flipkart worried? Current Affairs 2018 - Videos


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  2. India k paas hai kiya jo bechega? Diwali k lights tak china se imported hai. Lol. Wese v fdi pichle years se kam ho gaya hai. Yahi chalta raha toh companies tala laga k chali jayegi, aur kiya. Walmart or amazon k paas markets ki kami hai kiya? Africa is a huge prospect at this moment. Toh sara investment wapas China or Africa mei chala jayega. Aur yaha patajali bechte rehna fir….

  3. I read about this in the newspaper but couldn't understand properly. But after watching your video, my doubts are very much cleared. Inventory and market place model explained very well. This video was very helpful. 👌👍👌
    Thank you for making it and imparting useful knowledge. ☺☺😊

  4. Consumer will be benefited in the long run.. if these companies gets all the liberty they will crush all smaller players creating monopoly for them… And through inventory model huge quantity of retail and manufacturing units will be closed creating unemployment.

  5. Reliance is planning to take over e-commerce market.
    This whole draft is to support #Reliance.
    After the entry of reliance, foreign company will tie up with reliance.
    And then reliance and amazon/ flipkart, will export most of the goods from international market and share profit.
    NaMo NaMo

  6. ''Data ka ek copy India me b rhega''. How will duplication of Data Solve the problem of Data security? As in what is the objective behind having a copy of data in India as well?

  7. why people are opposing this law. they are such a fool, if 100 percent fdi implemented in inventary policy then they will bring their own country manufacturing product and earn money from us and take back to their country. thats a big loss for us. and also for our sellers. we should think like china. they banned amazon facebook and whatsapp only due to promote their own things.

  8. Perfectly good move by govt. but I think some points need to be added:
    1. Reduce of Make in India product yo 60-70%,must give option to consumer and company will be happy.
    2. Discount of inhouse compnay should be in accordance with small sellers Govt. Must bring out a norm.
    3. Govt. should adopt strict e-commerce consumer laws and procedure to solve consumer problems.
    4. Small sellers should be given credit on basis of performance this will help them to grow.
    5. Small sellers should be provided 40-50% share in product wise in InHouse company.This will save small sellers but govt should support .

  9. Sir, you forgot one point, that due to e-Commerce many small business is effected, many people have closed there shops because nobody is visiting them and comparing there prices with e-commerce.. many manufacturing companies are selling to there dealers as well as selling direct to consumers from ecommerse websites in the same price what they sells to dealer.. and dealer cannot sell the same items on ecommerse also, so ether he have to sell in loss or sell in very low margin in which he cannot able to pay his rent.. ecommerse is much smart and cheaper way to sell in all India because no need to make any showrooms just make a website and make promotions (save millions of investments) and give discounts to sell products (to destroy local markets) all this internet dependence is dependence on US and on other countries.. so there should be one more point included for small local businesses.

  10. This will boost the "make in india" movement bcz earlier only assembly of goods were done in india n production ws done in china…. Great decision by govt.
    But they shuld strick out that point of reducation of heavy offers directly by company bcz it will impact directly on indian customers and if the production of goods were also done in india then great offers will be add onn on the e-commerce market

  11. This is increasing difference between rich and poor as it is vanishing middle class business man. People buying online buy only from selected brands . small manufacturer cant sell on it morover it finishes retailing and job for millions .


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