Editorial Analysis and Summary of The Hindu – January 27 {UPSC CSE/IAS, SSC CGL/CHSL} - Videos


27th of January: Everything about today’s news and current affairs put together in one lesson. The editorial analysis of The Hindu and other major newspapers, and Summary of The Hindu. All you need to do is to watch this lesson and you will be done with studying The Hindu and daily current affairs from major newspapers for today.

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  1. if you go fast , the whole point of making the video is at a loss. You had 26 minutes , you could have been concise and clear . Moreover your rate of speech is so high that it is almost irritating . Nevertheless the content was good.

  2. The editorial discussion on Disaster management could have been better because it had everything but should have been structured property.. like Background, Method adopted to rehabilitation, issue in the process of rehabilitation, other info… Overall a good one can extend the time for editorial discussion up to 20 minutes and can be a bit slow!! Best

  3. Your hard work and dedication is highly commendable sir. But with all due respect, it is simply picking up and reading the lines from the Hindu, with no background of the topic given. For eg: Syrian crisis, a beginner can't understand simple article reading. My humble advice that please provide some background and suggestions regarding the issues.

  4. Sir, I want to thank you for the Crisp and quality analysis which you provide, but there are instances every now and then when i have to pause again and replay.. sometimes 3-4 times in order to decrypt it.
    I humbly request you Sir please bring your tempo down a bit. 26 min. will become 30 minutes.. no probs.


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