Electrostatics A – IIT JEE solved questions -Part B, Class 12 Physics in Hindi - Videos


Physics video lecture for class 12 in Hindi for the preparation of CBSE, IIT JEE, JEE, NEET, AIPMT, ICSE and all other Boards and entrance examinations.

This video lecture is on Electrostatics A, Chapter 1 – Electric Charges and Fields, Part 12 – Solved questions of previous year IIT JEE questions on electrostatics with some additional questions, Part B.

Questions covered in this video are:
1) JEE 2005 screening – Electric field due to 3 infinite charged plates.
2) JEE 2009 – Electric flux through a cubical surface placed with its center at the origin, due to a charged disk, a rod, and two point charges with their coordinates given.
3) JEE 2009 – Surface charge densities of 3 concentric metallic shells with initial charges given. Charge distribution will take place here.
4) The electric field at a point due a wire formed by 3 quarter of a ring, and 2 infinitely long wire. here we derived E due to a uniformly charged quarter ring at its center. We also derived E due semi-infinite wire.
5) JEE 2010 – Force on a uniformly charged hemispherical shell when it is pressed with another uniformly charged hemispherical shell. Here we used the concept of Electric pressure in a charged shell and projection of area. We also solved it by a shortcut, dimensional analysis.
6) JEE 2012 – Electric flux through a cube and 3 charges placed inside.
7) JEE 2014 – Electric field due to a point charge, an infinitely long wire, and an infinite sheet.
8) JEE 2015 – Electric field inside a cavity in a charged solid sphere. Here we used superposition principle to find electric field inside a cavity made inside a solid uniformly charged sphere.

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