Electrostatics , part 4 , Conduction concept and numericals , Neet , IIT JEE, CLASS 12 - Videos


Hey friends in this video I have discussed the remaining questions of part 2 and part 1 which covered the charge and its property related questions.
and then I have discussed the new topic related to article 1 which is mode of transfer of charge.
in which I have discussed about friction and conduction .
in conduction I have discussed many aspects like concept ,little bit theory, numerical aspects ,short tricks and tips aspect ,and some important points related to conduction .
and you know the very special thing about my videos is numericals I discussed and so here to clear this topic I have discussed many numericals.
in part 4 I have discussed the last question I have given in homework ,the ratio of electromagnetic unit to electrostatic unit which was important question .
so if you like it then watch it full and enjoy the series of electrostatics and like the video comment on the video share it to the friends to the needy and subscribe the channel Rohit Agrawal thank you

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