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Véronique TRAN – Associate Dean, MBA in International Management
Shashank CHANDRASEKHARAN – Student of the programme

00:17 The Pitch
01:41 How much of the curriculum from the master’s in European Business have you kept in the new MBA in international business?
03:35 Have you made any changes to the program since last year?
06:36 What’s the international recognition of this degree outside of Europe? Are there any accreditations that guarantee its quality?
09:09 Hi! I’m American and currently living in New York. Could you comment on career placement you have in the US?
11:29 Do we apply directly to our choice campuses?
14:25 Good afternoon, I’m thinking to apply for the MBA program 2019-2020. I would like to know how many students you will admit and the minimum scores required for GMAT and IETLS. Thank you.
17:25 Three Words Max
18:38 Is there a quota on the number of admissions? How big are classes?
20:55 Is it possible to have part-time job while doing this program?
23:29 Does ESCP have startup investment and support for student entrepreneurs?
27:18 What ESCP offer in terms of career services?
30:58 Russian Roulette
33:58 All business skills are keen on this buzz word “soft skills.” How does ESCP approach soft skills?
37:13 Is it possible to do an exchange with another university where ESCP doesn’t have a campus?
38:34 How about Masters in International business in Europe?? As European unemployment is very high how about employment opportunities in Europe?
39:50 Is this still a good program for me if I would like to potentially work in Asia since this seems more Europe-focused?
41:11 Is it possible to specialize in this program, such as in digital marketing?
44:21 What kinds of hands-on projects do we work on as students? Any real-world business projects?
47:44 A Step Sideways
47:59 A Step Sideways: If ESCP Europe had a theme song, what would it be?
49:18 Hi Shashank! What city track are you doing in this program? How did you decide?
51:04 Is it necessary to have business experience to apply? I studied literature in undergrad.
52:47 Is it possible to replace some of the core classes with fundamentals if I have taken and validated similar courses in my bachelor’s?
53:35 Hello. In the spring I will have completed year one of an MBA in International Business at another school. Can I apply to join in the second year at ESCP?
54:10 Your site says students get professional experience through direct employment. How many students actually get jobs right out of school?
56:19 Hello Shashank. What have you liked the best about the program? What have you liked the least?
57:51 The Sweetest



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