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In this video, we provided all engineering exam notifications in one video. All college list with their application form details.

F Block Revision Notes:

Complete P Block Notes:

Free chemistry most expected questions for NEET and IITJEE :

Physics most important question Bank:

Complete Handwriten notes of MOLE CONCEPT:

Trick to find Bond Angle:

Strategy to crack NEET 2018:

Complete vector notes for NEET and IITJEE:

Complete EQUILIBRIUM notes in one video :

What to study in Physics for NEET:

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  1. Sir thanx for this video? I really got lot of info from this video… sir plz give details of biotechnology stream and civil and chemical….I have interest in these streams but don't know much about them

  2. Sir also Plz clear 1 doubt of mine… is there lot of maths in biotechnology stream and chemical stream as compared to other streams?? Do tell about electronics and communication stream also

  3. Sir first of all thank you. You are doing a great work for all of us. Bas ek request hai organic chemistry me MAINS ke liye important name reactions aur reagents pe ek video bana do please. Har jagah dhund liya bas aapka sahara hai.

  4. sir I want to know which branch has more scope in future…and sir I was interested in cse is it better branch compare to other branches..?? sir plzz clarify my doubt..and sir at last make one video on branches..!!!

  5. 4. The energy required to convert all atoms present vin 1.2 g magnesium to Mg2+ ione if IE1, & IE2 of magnesium are 120 kJ/mol & 240 kj/mol respectively
    a. 18 kJ
    b. 36 kJ
    c. 360 kJ
    d. 24 kJ


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