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  2. Most of the accidents happened coz of sleep while driving ..in a study..for this campaigns are must organized by the government to inform people…last year news is that coz of pathholes on the road women who drives her scooty was dead …this is a major issue for govt. that coz of patholes on the road this would happen ..so for this the roads are properly constructed .

  3. Road accidents – man-made disaster:
    Recent survey says that 60 children die every minute due to road accidents so I just browsed to find the reason behind it. I should be noted that of these 30% of them are bike accidents mainly due to speeding, drunk and drive, listening to music while driving,then an important reason will be overloading that's three or four persons in a bike and a minor driving a bike. I feel that only when people above 18 years are allowed to drive, accidents can be prevented because they know the value of life,how important it is? It may be a desire for a child to drive a bike but it may take another boy's life or his life.
    Helmets are always good for driving whether you specialise in driving or not.
    Including road rules in school books can also make a safer India tomorrow
    Awards can be given to people or district with minimal road accidents. it
    May create a awareness.
    A new app can be installed in phones which can send a message to the caller that the person you are calling is driving so please call later.

  4. 1- NCRB records show that more than 135000 loss of precious lives occur every year in India due to road accidents. So there is a serious need to find solutions for safety of people's. Certain steps can help reduce/eliminate the number of road accidents in our country.
    (I) Better quality roads are needed. The potholes, the irregular plains of roads must be checked
    (II) Clear indicated direction on sign board showing info about diversion, speed limit, zig zag road..
    (III) Maintaining Lane while driving, zig zag driving creates confusion among other driver
    (IV) Obeying all traffic rules
    (V)Safety tips guidelines must be followed
    (VI) Licence to only Good Driver who have a sensible knowledge about riding skills
    (VII) Safety features in vehicles i.e, good brakes, airbags, safety gear for bike riders
    (VIII) For pedestrians infrastructure should be made for crossing of roads
    (IX) Overload issues in trucks must be dealt seriously by RTO
    (X) Less corrupt n better rules n frequent checks will help reduce the all time rule breakers

    2-(3) Cambay or Khambhat in Gujarat is called the Makka-Gate of Makka during Mughal Period. Shah Jahan started his journey from here Jumma Masjid.. It is in Bay of Cambay

    3-(2) Heavy industry bias like mismatch of skills demanded n skills that a worker offer i.e skill gap is the reason for Structural unemployment.. To reduce this skill gap GoI started skill India programme.. re training, or providing the work to worker in the sector he is good in can help..

  5. Picture Analysis: Former PM & JD(S) leader H. Deve Gowda praise by Mr. Modi during election campaign send different signals for JD(S) who was trying to maintain equal distance from BJP as well as Congress. PM Modi blamed Congress President Rahul Gandhi not respecting enough the Former PM. Mr Gowda has denied his party links with BJP but still it is more 2 front war not the three front as it is shown.. Let the People of Karnataka choose the best Govt for them..

  6. Road Accidents:
    Road accidents are one of the most countable reasons for high death rate in our country. Its seen that many people(especially youngsters) pass away in road accidents.
    Steps which could be taken are as follows:
    1. Granting of license: Its sad but true that their exist many RTO offices in our country which grant licenses via agents. So this is one thing that must be taken care of because if right people are granted license after proper tests and trials, it would help better.
    Also, i feel, while granting the license, we must be taught about what actually are the traffic rules to be followed while driving(like always prefer overtaking from right side, give indicators, etc).
    2. Strict monitoring on Traffic signals: Many accidents occur while people try to break signals and run away. So strict monitoring on signals must be done.
    3. Awareness Programmes in public places and educational institutions: I feel that schools are the best places to spread awareness because, its a normal human tendency that we usually ignore things but when our children confront us, we always have that thing clicking in our mind.
    4. Repairing the Roads: Accidents happening in our country are also mainly due to the holes in roads. In monsoons this takes place usually. So that must be taken care off.
    5. Use of Technology(RFIDs): This one is quite expensive but if properly executed, may help alot. As govt planned of havinf RFID tolls similarly, all vehicles must be equipped with RFID tags and similar to Speed limit boards we have on the roads, we must have RFID scanners to check if any vehicle breaks the speed limit. If any one crosses speed limit say 50kmph, store the RFID no from RFID tag attached to vehicle and send a fine to that person similar to automated challan incase you break the signal. So that next time person will take care of speed limit.

  7. Surat
    Road safety
    1.use seat belt
    2.strict compliance before giving driving licence.
    3.use helmet for 2 wheelers.
    4 Drink and drive
    5. Hoardings and advertisement board on road are the source of Distraction
    6. Impose fine for over speeding
    7. Poor visibility during night is also prime factor for accident.Install road lamps
    8.minimize unmanned railway crossing.
    9.check the quality of public bus driver.
    10.strict compliance to follow signals otherwise impose fine upon offenders.

  8. Q1) According to the 'Road Accidents in India-2016' released by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways there is 4.1% decrease in the Road Accidents but there is rise in the fatalities by these accidents by 3.2%. Due to the accidents many people die or partially disabled or fully disabled which not only impact their family's livelihood but also the overall growth of a country.

    The followings can be the reasons behind the accidents.
    a) Carelessness- the accidents do not occur they are caused by person's mistakes like drink and drive, high speed, ignoring helmets, seat belts etc.
    b) Lack of Awareness about Traffic Rules and regulations.
    c) Behavioural Attitude- people often take the traffic rules as state's responsibility but on his/her own duty.
    d) The faulty allocation of the driving licence- sometimes without checking whether a person is able to drive properly or not, where he knows the traffic rules properly or not or without driving examinations they get the licence.
    f) Lake of Infrastructure

    The following can be solutions in order to eliminate/reduce the road accidents.
    a) Behavioural Change- it is the most important thing because if people thing that these traffic rules are made for their safety and security and they take it as their responsibilities then 75-80% accidents can be avoided.
    b) Awareness should be spread about the traffic rules, consequences of accidents via Videos, different social media platform, conferences, Nukkad Nataks, self help groups.
    c) Training programmes on driving and safety norms.
    e) Infrastructure development- efficient and effective maintenance of roads.
    f) Changes at the grass root level- by Educating children about traffic rules at primary and secondary levels so that they can be the agent of change for not only on their family but also their neighbours and the entire country.
    g) International Cooperation.

    'Brasilia Declaration on road safety' of World Health Organisation is one of the International organisation that deals with the road safety and cooperation with the aims at halve the numbers of death by 2020. This will help in achieving Sustainable Development Goal 3.6(Good Health) and overall growth of the county as well as a world.

    Q2) Surat is known as Gateway of Makka.
    Q3) Structural Unemployment arises due to Heavy Industry bias.

  9. Hey everyone !
    Let's get into today's topic –
    Curtailing Road Accidents
    The game starter-
    History has been many a times-a boon and quite a times-a bane. The colonial India faced many pathbreaking technologies being introduced and the fuel-run vehicles are one such. Though British were wiped-out, the colonial legacy still stays as a nuclear by-product and the practice of riding and driving vehicles with Left-Hand Traffic System(LHTS) continues to exist, not just in India but also in other ex-colonies of UK(namely, South Africa, Indonesia, etc.,).

    The rival systems-
    With two-third of the earthlings adopting to Right-Hand Traffic System(RHTS), nearly 76 countries including India work on LHTS. What's the difference? Well, the difference can be traced back to 18th century where the right-handed horse riders held the control of the horse in their left and held weapons in their right hand to tackle the rival Knights which they (might) encounter along their way or war on their right; hence kept LHTS. Post Russian Revolution,1773 , France was the first state to adopt RHTS and it's allies, along with its neighbours shifted one after other towards the same style with the use of wagons, to avoid collisions with other wagons coming on left. Why in context of reducing accidents? Samao, an island country in Oceania recently(2009) shifted from RHTS to LHTS to avoid the rate of accidents, as adopting to a new system might create a sense of cautiousness among the drivers and riders despite this shift was dubbed to get economic gains on the import of economically viable cars from LHTS-following neighbours like Australia and Japan. In Indian context, same could be applied where a new cloud of relation which might silver line with RHTS-following China.

    The cliché –
    We as a society, still cling to the helmet games played from time-to-time insisting on the clichéd view on stressing the usage of helmets- though mandatory to avoid reversible brain damages than the irreversible one. Whereas the clutter can only be broken by bringing psychological advancements rather peripheral additions-like helmet.

    The ultimate check-
    The big check in the act of combatting road accidents can be viewed in a two-fold approach. First, the proper infrastructure on roads including colouring the lanes, the speed-breakers which in many cases unnoticed as found in the same colour as that of the road, dimming street lights as in western world, proper medians/dividors and other best practices to enhance the infrastructure which would have 'anti-broken window' impact. Second, the governments'(both UPA and NDA) view on increasing the lanes or introducing dedicated lanes, which would just account for 'Downs-Thompson Paradox' rather optimization of proper road usage.

    Last, not being least, government should work with stringent rules rather just petty/trivial fines bucks. But also, keeping in mind the basic idea that 'laws are for people and people are not for laws'.
    Criticisms welcomed.
    Copyrights claimable 😋
    Cheers !

  10. 1) biggest reason why we are having large number of road accidents is because of unprofessional drivers…personally I have seen people who started driving only because they don't have any work to do and I had talk them about this issue that "Bhai first you go and get your driving lessons and have a driving liscence first" but that particular person said that " are Kuch ni hota hai yaar, ek do baar gaadi ladegi phr aa jaaegi chlana" … sorry to use this Hindi proverb but sir that's the same thing he said…
    2) lack of understanding of traffic rules.
    3) maximum time In a mode of hurry…
    4) some road problems also there on roads like sewer cap is not main hole, polluted water on roads, some cattles and animals roaming here there
    5)not having awareness about accidents and losses of GDP and human resource also…
    6) riding faster

    Steps to reduce accidents_

    1) proper awareness about driving and road traffic rules..
    2) deployment of traffic police on maximum roads as they only are seen on big or large roads only…
    3) liscencing system still has some loop holes in our country that should be taken care of…
    in many developed countries person do not liscence till he / she will not pass the driving exam….but still in our country driving exam is given by very less persons and they will get liscence because of extra money given to agents.
    4)vehicle to underage youth should not be given by parents ..if given then it should be under the umbrella of elder person ..
    5) old vehicles of dangerous outerbody that are running on roads should be immediately banned…and vehicles having open compartments should also be banned…
    liscence renewal system should also be in strict mode…

  11. structural unemployment is a condition in which if technological change comes in any industry , department , or sector and employees are not trained in that particular technological change as it causes delay in the production or huge production loss…for example- inadequate productive technique, many bank employees when computer based work started in banks were unable to operate computers, so they were given training to use computers…

  12. 1) for road accidents:
    strict elevation of must be done while getting licence still there are many loopholes in getting licence,
    According to the road conditions the speeds for vehicles should be given( In a road 50 km speed the vehicles must go ) like western countries.
    the person whom does a accident license must be removed for some months or years so that they will realize the mistake of them.

  13. As per the report published by transport research wing under ministryof road transport and highways 4,80,652 accidents lead to 1,50,785 deaths,413 people died every day in 1317 road accidents in 2016.The accident severity measured as number of persons killed per 100 was 29.1 in 2015 lower than 31.4 in 2016.Since 2008 55000 children have lost their life in these 2016 accounting 7% alone.Many measures has also been taken by many state as well as centre government.The motor vehicle(amendment )act 2017 takes notice and many siuch issues and deems to resolve them as well as free treatment scheme by delhi government to reduce death fatalities in accident cases.
    To reduce such incident smart cities are also to be built in collaboration with french assistance for chandigarh,puducherry.In northeastern states the roads construction work has been taken up to provide connectivity as well as safety on roads
    But some measures also need to be taken by the indivisuals as main reason is negligience ogf poeple:
    1.Use of safety equipments,helmets,seat belts
    2.Following traffic rules
    3.Proper checking of documents by the traffic police
    4.Carrying valid licences
    5.Leashing the children while engaged in other work
    6.Being a responsible driver
    7.Building proper roads and intersections free of potholes

  14. 1. I think that solution lies in spreading awareness among SYSTEM , GOVERNMENT AND PUBLIC participation
    System- by making the process of getting a license bit more advance and though.
    Government officials-
    to our traffic police to not spare anyone without heavy punitive fines.
    Public- last but not the least until we start behaving as a rationale citizen and giving due respect to others while driving . Not making every time hurry…
    2. Surat
    3.heavy industry bias

  15. Q.1 Briefly discuss steps through which we can eliminate/reduce number of road accidents in India.
    A. The recently released State Level Disease Burden report show a concerning rise in injuries in the country. Road accidents have been stated as the leading cause for the same. India also holds the record for most road accidents after China. All these point towards the urgency with which this issue needs to be tackled.
    Some steps which may help to reduce road accidents are:
    1. Having a proper road design based along with routine maintenance of the roads is crucial.
    Often in many places roads are repaired only when some big personality of minister visits that place.
    2. Decades of loose implementation of the law has ensured that rash driving becomes a common sight on Indian roads. This needs to be addressed on war footing.
    3. In many cases due to faulty traffic lights the driver faces a dilemma of how to proceed.
    These situations can be easily tackled by having proper technology in place.
    4. Drunken driving needs to be strictly penalized. Enforcement of such laws are not uniform in the country- both inter and intra-state. Motor vehicle Act needs to be amended so that punishments are revised adequately and implementation becomes robust.
    5. Recently it has been shown that having picture warnings on cigarette packets prove effective in helping people quit smoking. Similar tactics need to be used more frequently for road accidents aswell. Though, with modifications since roads have people from all age brackets.
    6. Designing policies catering specifically the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and motor-cyclists. Having dedicated footpaths and roads for cycling will reduce accidents and have other co-benefits pertaining to health and environment.
    7. Making public transport more accessible and lucrative. This may be done by maintaining proper standard of public busses with reasonable fare so that more people may opt for it.

    Apart from the above suggestions, the first step needs to be taken by individuals by pledging to follow traffic rules and good practices while on the road. Only then can India curb this menace which affects every population group indiscriminately.

    Thank you Prashant sir for reading our answers and providing feedback. Your dedication and the effort you pour into your work is a big motivation for me (and others too I'm sure).

  16. Road accidents are most unfortunate but at the same time avoidable tragedies. Almost 1.50 lakh people die on road every year in our country. Such a big number is horrible as lives claimed by these accidents are result of just momentary mistake.
    Though Road accidents have come down to 3% or approx 4500 in numbers but that is not a remarkable improvement, necessary steps are essentially required as here the question is of human life.
    Reasons of road accidents are many.
    1. Almost time common people are unaware of traffic rules because nobody pays heed to them. If some people are aware they do not bother to follow.
    2. In some cases, young people find it fashionable to drink n drive as well as over speeding.
    3. Allocation of driving licences are not accurately done. Many inefficient drivers get permission to risk many lives legally.
    4. Poor Road and traffic infrastructure
    5. Absence of stringent punishment and heavy penalties.
    6. Trucks and similar vehicles carry dangerous rods many times more than permitted quality. As recent case of young group of Aills doctors death case in delhi.
    7. People don't follow discipline of driving. No proper Lane is followed.
    8. Some times traffic barrier on railway tracks are faulty and cause huge accident. As recent case in delhi.
    Remedial actions are very necessary to be taken on urgent basis. Because we cannot afford lives of people to get wasted forever.
    1. AWARENESS and Education about traffic rules.
    2.Make stringent laws and heavy penalty imposition so that behavioural changes can be brought
    3.Trucks or commercial vehicles should be closely monitored so that they carry products in allowed quality only.
    4. Road traffic barrier at railway tracks should be in good functioning so that any kind of tragedy can be avoided.
    5.common people particularly youth must be made aware that all rules are for public safety only. Social media, workshops, interactive platforms, ad and videos display can play important role.
    6. Whole regime of allocation of driving licence is to be improved and reformed.
    7. Infrastructure of good quality is necessary for avoiding any mishap.
    8. Behaviour change is very much required like maintaining some distance from vehicle to vehicle., driving in proper Lane etc.

  17. Road accident- We need proper punshiment who drink and drive.we need speed limit like foreign have when ever a car/bike/bus/ truck cross the speed limit syrun rang and police catch them.when we buy four wheeler like car we should have buy safety car like much more air bags contain car.when we ride car we should wear seat belt and when we ride bike we should we're helmet .and strong law should have impose who brake the rules..like Cancellation of Ur DL etc….

  18. The Road accidents one of the biggest cause of unnatural death.Ministry of Road transport and Highways has taken number of steps to prevent and it has approved national road safety policy and this helps to create awareness :

    Causes :Lack of awareness, Distracted driving like using mobiles.Speeding,Reckless driving,
    Running red lights,potholes.

    Promoting Awareness,Tightening of safety standards for vehicles like Seat Belts, Helmets,
    Following instructions,Proper training.

    2)Surat was one of the important trade center of India.Traders all over the world came here to trade their goods such as Arabs,British.It was the favorite trading center for traders.It is near to sea. It was easy to trade through seaway.

    3)Structural unemployment refers to a mismatch between the jobs available and the skill levels of the unemployed.
    (Arises due to heavy industry Bias).


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