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English Vocabulary Made Easy – Chapter 2 -TOEFL, IELTS, GRE
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Mesein # Hatred # Gamy # Gyny. Let’s learn few words that originated from ‘Mesein’ in Greek in English. They are
Misanthrope, misogynist and misogamist
Misanthrope is orginated from two Greek words. One is mesein and 2nd is anthropos. Mesein means hate and anthropos means humankind. Misanthrope is a person who dislikes human kind and wants to be detached from human society.
Greek root mesein which means hate
Anthropos from Greek means mankind
Misogynist means a person who dislikes women. Miso gynist is derived from 2 Greek words. Mesein which means hate and gyne which means women. Misogamist means a person who dislikes marriage.
It’s derived from Greek ‘mesein’ and ‘gamos’ which means marriage.
Gynaecologist- medical specialist who treats female disorder
Root gamos is also found in monogamy, bigamy and polygamy
Monogamy means marrying only one girl
Bigamny means marrying two
Polygamy means marrying many. Polys in Greek means many
Polygyny means marriage in which a man has many wives
Polyandry means marriage in which a women has many husbands
Andros in Greek means male and polys means many.
Let’s revise what we learnt today
Misanthrope, Misogynist, Misogamist
Monogamy, bigamy, polygamy
Polygyny, polyandry, gynaecologist

English Vocabulary Made Easy – Chapter 2 – Misogamist, Misogynst and Misanthrope




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