[Essential Speed Strategy] GMAT Integrated Learning Tutorial: Table Analysis - Videos


Welcome to our third video out of four on the Integrated Reasoning section. If you’re just joining us now and want to know what this section is all about – take a look at our previous videos. In this video, we’re going to discuss a specific type of question we see in this section: Table analysis.

In this type of question we’re presented with a data table summarizing information of some kind. The table will be headlined by a title. It’s important to pay attention to the title, as it usually gives us important context as to what is being presented in the table. For example, in this table, the title both tells us the identities of the people mentioned in the table (family members of the president and vice-president), and the year for which the table presents information. Note that it also gives us important additional information about the context (such as – the entire families of the president and vice president are included) which can be quite important.



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