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In this video we shall discuss Expected Questions For IBPS RRB MAINS 2017(REASONING). This session is very important for all aspirants

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  1. Mam how to approach these type of questions
    Directions (Q.1-3): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.
    The following symbols represent time in a clock as:
    & – Either the hour or minute hand of clock on 10
    $ – Either the hour or minute hand of clock on 8
    % – Either the hour or minute hand of clock on 4
    # – Either the hour or minute hand of clock on 5
    @ – Either the hour or minute hand of clock on 2
    * – Either the hour or minute hand of clock on 6
    All the times are in PM. The first symbol represents hours and second symbol represents minutes.
    For example: Time ‘&#’ represents 10 hours 25 minutes.
    1) Vikram needs to catch a train scheduled to depart at ‘$#’. It will take 120 minutes to reach the station from his home. At what time should he leaves to arrive the station at least 15 minutes before the scheduled departure?
    None of these
    2) Rithi started cycling for tuition centre at ‘%@’and reached at ‘%&’. If the distance between her home and tuition is 2.5km, at what speed did she reach the tuition?
    2 kmph
    75 kmph
    3 kmph
    75 kmph
    None of these
    3) A flight departs at ‘&#’ from the airport. The travel time from Harish home to station is 6 hrs and 15minutes. If he missed the flight by 10 minutes, at what time he leaves from his home?
    None of these

  2. Mam I took 8 min to solve the puzzle…..mam plz tell me whether I have to first write all the datas then solve or I should start randomly from puzzle….and mam please tell me the ideal time to solve that puzzle….


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