Experiencer Chris Describes his Physical Contact with ETs and Animals - Videos


Chis talks about his personal experiences with hawks, owls, hummingbirds, rabbits and more!
Love and connection with animals and the environment. Nature and the Love vibration.
Beings in other dimensions and realizing we are all one.
5 foot big owl in his home

Grant Cameron
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  1. I love this series he has such a passion for this I hope he gets infrared lenses for his cameras and a decent pair of infrared binoculars…if he does not have them already

  2. At 8 :17 you can tell he is just making shit up as he goes. Grant I honestly thought you were one of the real Ufologist out there but man your really letting me down lately. This Putz is a liar.

  3. Wow, Chris, this is so closed to Christianity. Have you learned about Henoc and Elija that when to Heaven without dying or Padre Pio that travel in space to heal people everywhere on earth or St-Francis that spoke to animals.

  4. There you have your base storyline for the documentary you talked of earlier that you want to do: the environmental aspect of the phenomenon: they try to say something/warn us in a subtle way of that they worry for us about what we do with the environment here on Earth, because it probably affect them too somehow. Now you have to develop the story and find the right people to interview. Chris, nothing personal, but have you had psychiatric testing done to see that there is no disorder going on. If you know you are ok, you could do it, just to make sure for your own sake. The mind can play all sort of tricks, so it seems real. I am not saying you do not experience this in reality, but you would be sure, if you did some tests.
    BTW have your wife seen any of this, or other family members? It sounds sometimes like you are rambling, like it is not authentic, like you have been picking up some words here and there, that are "popular" right now, and tries to make something out of it, but for your own benefit, not other people's benefit. Hope you get that I am not judgmental here in this comment , but only sincere and serious. Chris, watch this video, to see what I mean: https://youtu.be/LJZuUkjcl5c but watch the whole video. Watch this too, but in order. First the first one, and then the second , the order is important: https://youtu.be/NAh9eFgegdA

  5. Amazing messages . Keep it up everybody. Thank you Chris , you are NOT rambling. Thank you for trying to articulate these experiences ❤️ right back at you and everyone

  6. Hi Chris – Thank you, once again, for sharing your experience. About 3 years ago, when I started to telepathically reach out to non-human intelligence, I had similar experiences with hawks. My experiences weren't as dramatic as yours, but they were unusual enough for me to take notice. People here might think the following message is a bunch of hooey and I even question it myself, because like you, I hear "them" as my own voice, but for all it's worth, I did ask them about the hawk sightings at that time and this is what I downloaded:

    "Indeed the hawk is a messenger.
    It is time now to release all worldly illusions and rise above to see clearly what to do, what direction to go. You have been given wings, to see from a perspective that is all-encompassing.
    We counsel now to examine the over arching theme of your life, and to discern, with acuity, what is truly important for you to accomplish in your current lifetime. It may be difficult to see when entangled in day-to-day drama. Take time to disengage and remember your purpose. Realign to that which is important to you. Correct your course in alignment with higher vision. The map, the navigation system is embedded in your heart. All of nature works in harmony for they have an instinctual understanding of what is required. It will benefit you to release over-analyzing, over-thinking and tap into your instinctual nature. Honor what your natural instincts are telling you.

    Call upon the animals that can bestow you their gifts – for every attribute you identify in the animal kingdom, it is also yours- the vision of the hawk, the strength of the bear, the will of the wolf, the fastidiousness of the spider. The archetypes assigned to these animals are powers that can be accessed by humans. It is a matter of embodying the abstraction of that animal's power. Practice now to dwell on the meaning of the hawk as it relates to you, and embody its gifts. Use wings to elevate above the ground-level, into a higher perspective, a spiritual perspective, a perspective with a vista which encompasses the whole of life. Just as a hawk can spot a single mouse from a great distance, see also with spiritual acuity, precision and detail. Continue to play with this vision and invite the spirit of the hawk to speak to you.

    Other than scientific discoveries, only in recent times has man decided there is nothing to learn the animal kingdom, that they are "lower" by nature. Just as many of you discovered there is much to learn from other cultures, you will also discover there is much to learn from other species…including those of other worlds. We will leave you with that thought to consider."

  7. Chris’s “crazy shit” sounds like shamanism. I would say that he has been initiated!
    Love his honest and open heart.
    He has definitely been “chosen” to awaken human consciousness…like many others at this critical juncture in the evolution of the cosmos.
    Thanks, Grant !! Thanks, Chris !!

  8. Abductees/experiencers and owls, the hawks you experience, the Sasquatch and their crows… Seems many beings use birds to send messages; and to do so they must interact with their consciousness, proving again we are all one. Yes Chris, your passion for healing the earth is heart-warming. More and more people are waking up, I just hope it's not too late. The beings you are working with must be very loving to care so much for the earth and its inhabitants. Thank you again for documenting your contact experiences.

  9. Put a damn humming bird feeder out he's thirsty – seriously?
    They come beg for food!
    Btw maybe hawks want your cat too, this is nature, hungry, these maybe signs but I think signs that these animals food source is depleted it's happening everywhere. Animals asking for help.

  10. it is mostly the greys that have the owl connection. when our contact was a it's strongest, we would also see multiple birds of pray circling our house. Thank you for sharing, and stay in the love vibration brother!

  11. A hippie on lsd is asking the audience ".. does this make sense?" .. and the answer is NO if you aren´t as high as chris!
    This story could be all or nothing without any evidence. At least i want to see some strange owl footages..

  12. Chris you are not alone with these experiences… So many of us have them since we were children. It is so in this world (at least for the time being) that some people are listened to more than others. So you have the advantage to bring this out in spite of all crazy things that go along. Loosing 'friends', getting isolated etc.. Welcome to the club 😉 The emotional experience that you have and makes you wanna cry because of the beauty of it all is why I believe you:).. They tend to affect us that way. And I do believe as you also said in your video, these beings are of Earth.. They are the true natives. Maybe' fairies' of legends of old or whatever..elementals, nature herself. Your experience with animals is shamanic. I think that is primordial and the first human spiritual experience that there is. All that has been here since always. We are just re-discovering and re-membering :). Take care. You will be fine. We are connected…<3

  13. So he's a Hollywood Actor – must be telling the truth eh?! I'm guessing the auditions are drying-up a bit so he's trying to get onto the UFO Circuit. Lets face it, they'e not exactly the most grounded of folk on the planet!

  14. Humanity needs to get back to Nature. Our survival depends on it. And it's all connected by consciousness. This is the new paradigm shift that's taking place all around the world. Embrace it and you shall be set free!!!

  15. Why does it matter if this guy is a "Hollywood A-lister?" The fact that "Chris" is using that to appear legitimate is odd to me. I actually think him calling himself a Hollywood A-lister is hurting his credibility. Something seems off.


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