Game of Thrones Season 7 Teaser Explained - Videos


What does the new Game of Thrones Season 7 “Sigils” teaser tell us about the future and past of GOT?

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  1. After waiting patiently for the next season, It's good to hear your badass voice again. Can't wait to hear your Analysis on each episode when the show finally starts. shits about to hit the fan this season…

  2. I've a theory, I think the Lannister House will end. Just like the Tyrells. Jaime and Cersei lost their children, we all know Cersei will die in season 7, Jaime is unlikely to have another child with her death, and Tyrion has no children and won't ever since he only seems to care for whores. You can argue semantics and say Jaime might have one with Brienne, if they got together, but I highly doubt that would happen.

    Now, going into this theory more, Tytos Lannister has four children: Tywin, Tygett, Kevan, Genna and Gerion. Only Kevan and Genna are still alive.
    Tygett had: Tyrek. Tyrek died in the riot of King's Landing when Princess Myrcella left for Dorne. Jaime suspects Varys had a hand in Tyrek's disappearance.

    Kevan Lannister has: Lancel (deceased), twin boys Martyn and Willem (deceased), and a newborn daughter, Janei. So Martyn is now the only living son left of Kevan Lannister! The last we heard of Martyn was that he was being taken to the Golden Tooth by Rolph Spicer, a knight who betrayed Rob Stark.

    Lady Genna and her husband Emmon Frey have four children: Cleos (deceased), Lyonel, Tion (deceased), and Walder Frey (a page at Casterly Rock). Lyonel and Walder Frey are the only living descendants left and are essentially Freys.

    Finally, Gerion Lannister had: Joy Hill, a girl who Jaime says will be married off to a Frey or Raynald Westerling. Either way, marrying Joy off will get rid of her Lannister name.

    Taking this all into account, it's likely that Martyn of Kevan Lannister will inherit the fortune of House Lannister should Jaime and Tryion die without heirs!! However, if Martyn dies, and Genna Frey's children become the heirs, that means the Lannister name dies out.

  3. I thought it was just my love for House Mormont (both in the books and in the show), but it is indeed a bear head, and I am glad you saw it too. I have been thinking for a long time that the Mormonts and the Reeds would play a bigger role later!
    For those who cannot see that it is a bear: if you look at the snout, at the head shape, and at the proportions between said head and the ears, there is no way it is a lioness (I hope you already ruled out the male lion for obvious reasons). It has to be a bear. Google some images. Thanks for the great video, Alt Shift X!

  4. God this youtube series is about the most obvious shit sometimes. Do show fans really need this all spelled out to them? I like your other videos like the northern conspiracy one because there is a lot of depth to that so it gives you enough material to work with. This just seems like cashing in on the trailer hype when there is honestly not that much to talk about.

  5. If they only have 2 seasons left, then this show will not end satisfactorily. They will have to wrap up the 7 kingdoms politics AND the war between the undead and the living. It's going to be very rushed, I predict.

  6. Dany is summorizing the wars for power, the Game of Thrones, but the last words belong to Jon, who is the only one, who realizes, that even Dany vs. Cersei war is for power, so it is not so different.
    Jon says the last word, he will be the ultimate ruler in the end.

  7. Personally, I've fallen out of love with the show, for no reason other than the fact that they dumbed the material down to the point where there is practically no intrigue. After a while it just became, "look at me stab this guy with this thing. Blahhhhhhh."
    Also, the Tyrells shouldn't be anywhere near as stupid as they are in the show.


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