Ganga River System – Rivers of India for UPSC CSE/SSC CGL/State PSC – Episode 2 - Videos


The Ganga is India’s most important and iconic river.
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It flows down from its glacial source in the high Himalayas to course through five states in the northern plains before draining into the swirling waters of the Bay of Bengal through the Sunderbans delta, the largest mangrove system in the world. Along its 2,500 km journey, the river enriches huge swathes of agricultural land and sustains a long procession of towns and cities.

The sprawling Ganga basin, an area of 860,000 sq km spread across 11 states, is the world’s most populous river basin. It is home to more than 600 million Indians, close to half the country’s population; and over 40 percent of the country’s GDP is generated in this region. The basin provides more than one-third of India’s surface water, 90 percent of which is used for irrigation. this is an important topic in Geography for UPSC and State PSC exams. There are many who are unable to answer simple questions in UPSC CSE regarding the Ganga River system. This lesson will help you to learn all the important points that are commonly asked in various competitive exams.

Rivers of India and Ganga Drainage system are important topics for UPSC CSE/SSC CGL and State PSC exams. Each year, more than one question will be asked about this topic.

In this series of the episodes by Khusbhoo Singh Rajput, who is an educator at Unacademy, will explain you about the river system of India, drainage system, Ganga river, important terms like source, Ox-Bow and much more. Khusbhoo Singh has made a lot of courses on Indian Geography for UPSC CSE.

Learn the concept from Khushboo and also follow her on Unacademy for more courses on Geography for UPSC CSE/SSC CGL/State PSC examination.

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  1. Superb….. intelligent you are
    क्या सटीक रेखा खिच आपने समझाने की कोशिश की है!
    लगता है सच में general (राजपूतों) वाली पढाई किया है आपने.
    Thanks a lot.

  2. hey! finally Magic of Red is back…after a long time now boring geography will become interesting once again.. hope u will continue to amaze…have a gd day ahead… keep smiling…!

  3. Mam, जब दो नदियाँ आपस मे मिलती हैं तो ये उसका नाम कैसे decide होता है? मतलब यमुना जब गंगा में मिलती है तो उसका नाम गंगा ही क्यों रह जाता है, यमुना क्यो नहीं कहा जाता?


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