General Awareness 2017 for Bank Exams – How to Maximize Your Scores? By Barkha Agrawal - Videos


General Awareness 2017 For Bank Exams – How to Maximize Your Scores?
Strategy To Maximize Score In G.A. Section In Bank Exams By Barkha Agrawal. Learn more about the IBPS PO by Barkha Agrawal who has cleared both prelims and mains for IBPS PO. Learn about how to prepare for the exam and get success. Learn how to maximise your score in General Awareness section for Bank Examinations like IBPS, SBI. RBI, etc.

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  1. mam i use CP st but in the rrb po st my score is only 45-48 [ 1- 46 2-48 – 3-36.5 ] but mam when i attempt previous rrb po memory base my score was 67/80 clerk 73/80 mam i am demotivate after carrier power st how to overcome from fear …


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