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In this video i have discussed the properties of quadrilateral and parallelogram .

A geometrical figure bounded by four line seg¬ment is called quadrilateral.
Properties related to quadrilateral
1) Sum of interior angles is equal to 360 degree
2) Sum of exterior angles is equal to 360 degree
3) Angle made by bisectors of any two consecutive angles is equal to half of sum of others to angles.
4. Sum of pair of interior opposite angle is equal to sum of pair of other two exterior opposite angles.
5. Line segment joining midpoints of any two adjacent sides is parallel and equal to half of corresponding diagonal.
6) Quadrilateral formed by line segment joining mid¬points of sides of original quadrilateral is a paral-lelogram.
7) Area of quadrilateral joining midpoints of sides is equal to half of original quadrilateral.
1) Parallelogram
2) Rectangle
3) Square
4) Rhombus
5) Trapezium
Properties related to parallelogram
1) In parallelogram, diagonal bisect each other and each diagonal bisect the parallelogram into two congruent triangles.
2) Bisectors of the angles of a parallelogram form a rectangle.
3) Sum of any two consecutive angles are supplementary
4) Bisector of any two consecutive angles intersect at 900
5) Two parallelograms having same base and between same parallel equal in area.
6) Area of a parallelogram and a rectangle having same base and between same parallel equal in area.
7) Area of a triangle is equal to half of area of a | | gm having same base and between same parallel.
8) Parallelogram inscribed in circle is rectangle or square.
9) Parallelogram circumscribed is circle is rhombus or square.
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