GK for AIIMS 2018 | 10 most Expected GK (General Knowledge) mcqs | Part-2 | By Arvind Arora Sir - Videos


NOTE:- Answer of 2nd Q is- Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile

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for AIIMS 2018 best assertion & reason question practice video By Arvind Arora sir. Total 10 questions are solved in video.

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  1. IBRM – Intermediated Range Ballistic Missile, First chief justice of India – Harilal Kania, Hall of Nations is located at New Delhi. Royal flying doctor service is in Australia, President of india twice Dr. Zakir Hussain. First surface to surface missile test fired in India has longest range is Prithvi, 1st artificial satellite to go around the Earth was, Sputnik 1, National inland navigation institute NINI is in Patna, heavy water project Talcher and fertilizer plant pora deep are famous industries of odisha.

  2. Hlo sir………India's multi target surface to air missile is known as
    1.akash. 2.agni
    3.prithvi. 4.nag
    Which is correct???? I know the answer but I think all the Aiims aspirant need to know …

  3. Hello sir!!
    firstly thank u so much fr ur grt wrk
    i t ws very helpful fr neet revision
    sir in some esteemed website i read that aiims institute has releasd a mock test to give an idea about upcomin exam
    cn u plz check n tell us is it true and how to access that test
    we ll be very grateful to u


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