GMAT 570 to 730 (V41) – Bhavya’s journey of 150+ point improvement on the GMAT - Videos


Bhavya improved her GMAT score from 570 to 730 in just 3 months. She attributes her improvement to being able to understand meaning rather than simply eliminating choices, pre-thinking assumptions while solving CR questions, and strategically skimming through passages and understanding role of each paragraph. Click here to get free access to the study material used by Bhavya

Key highlights of her de-brief:

2:45 – First attempt at GMAT

6:26 – Choosing the right resources for Verbal

7:20 – Understanding meaning over eliminating choices

8:35 – Pre-thinking assumptions to strengthen CR

9:28 – Skimming, rather than skipping, to master RC

12:48 – What went wrong in her second attempt

4:25 – Overcoming all road-blocks to score 730

15:51 – Test-taking strategies that were helpful



  1. Hi Bhavya …
    Could you please tell me After revising the concepts from E- GMAT , where do you practice more number of questions and what are the mock tests you opted before giving third attempt ?


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