GMAT 570 to 740 (Q49, V41) – Most inspiring GMAT success story ever - Videos


Amidst an uncertain and demanding job, deteriorating health of his father, and an unstable relationship, Nishant maintained focus and prepared strategically to score 740. Click here to access resources used by Nishant:

Key highlights from Nishant’s story:

07:33 – ESR analysis and how it helped him improve to 740

10:34 – Changing approach to Meaning and Pre-thinking based approach

12:04 – Key to ace RC – Take 3+ minutes to read the passage

14:08 – Converting your weaknesses to your strength strategically

15:49 – How Scholaranium helped

17:02 – Reducing time on a SC question to 45 secs with high accuracy

20:10 – Post GMAT – Target B-schools



  1. Hi rajat sir i am currently enrolled in the egmat verbal online course .. struggling with egmat rc concept to put it into the proper application under time constrain as what is taught in the concept file…and sc approach is taking time means i usually end up taking around 3 min per question when i use the approach so what should i do next

    Please help


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