GMAT 730 (Q49, V41) – Arjun’s journey from V26 to V41 - Videos


How do you improve and go forward if you have been stuck at V26 for your last 3 attempts? If you are Arjun Bardhan, you stop worrying about the score and focus on learning, analyze every mistake, do focused practice, and track data very closely.
Result – you end up with a V41; 94 percentile on GMAT Verbal, a huge improvement from V26 (~40 percentile).
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Key highlights of Arjun’s de-brief:

0:10 – Learning from 3 failed attempts

2:07 – Importance of error analysis

4:34 – Overcoming score plateau in Verbal

5:04 – Importance of pre-thinking in CR and RC

8:32 – Focused practice – Key to reaching the target score

12:05 – Test day – Getting the best out

13:56 – Whether to go for 1-year or 2-year MBA



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