GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment tutorial: Do it Write! - Videos


Let’s talk about the Analytical Writing Assessment.
This section is 30 minutes long, and is scored in a range of 1 to 6, in half point increments. The scoring is actually an average of two separate scores: one given by a human, another by a computer. If their scores are more than1 point apart, a second human checks and scores it – and get the last word.
In this section, we are presented with a short argument, one paragraph long. Our mission? Write an evaluation. Now, the GMAT doesn’t tell us this, but the arguments are always open to criticism, and so, we can tell, before even reading the argument, what our opinion of the argument is going to be: unconvinced!
In other words, we’re going to write a criticism.

● The first 5 minutes are about setting the foundation
● The next 5 minutes are devoted to Constructing the Scaffolding
● 15 minutes – Pouring in the cement, Putting in the Doors
● Last 5 minutes – Finishing Touches



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