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1-6, pg. 152. Created by Sal Khan.

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GMAT on Khan Academy: Sal works through the 249 problem solving questions in chapter 5 of the the 11th edition of the official GMAC GMAT Review (ISBN Number: 0-9765709-0-4 published in 2005)

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  1. sorry visbygp but you are wrong, 1 CASE contains c cartons, 1 carton contains b boxes, 1 box contains 100 paperclips, how many paperclips are in 2 CASES not 2 cartons is 200bc paperclips

  2. This comes from the GMAT Official Guide… and these questions are from the start, or easiest questions in the guide. The problems get tougher as you go.

  3. He's good, but seems to not have actually written a GMAT. If spend the time to do long division on the math problems, you will run out of time. Basically you need to do all the the test prep and sample test, so that you are familiar with the majority of problem type, and develop shortcut ways of solving the problems. Sometimes, it's best guess. Time is the enemy. They will not throw trick questions at you. The questions will be similar to test prep problems. 

  4. @flyhighhhhh Sorry, but Salman is no doubt a genius. I wonder, if he had to write a GMAT to get into Harvard Business School, given all his other qualifications. I was just speaking from a pov of someone who's not a genius, and had to write the GMAT to get into business school. Unfortunately, I only have a Comp. Sci. degree from a run of the mill university, and an MBA.

  5. Great test Prep!!!! I look forward to seeing your remaining videos! I think I also seen/hear read a story on you on Business week!(no i don't work for them) Great Tutoring session!


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